Wilson Audio Sophias to Sabrinas

Has anyone gone from the Wilson Sophias, any model, to the Sabrinas that would care to share their thoughts and impressions of the two in the same room with the same equipment and a reasonable amount of time spent for the settling in process.
I would rather have the Sophia's than the Sabrinas.
I heard the Wilson Sophia's at the 2005 Hi Fi Show in NYC in the Lamm Room.  Now i did hear the Sophia's on these great Lamm 2.2 hybrid amps and the Lamm Tube amp. I forget the CD player they were using.
But the Sophia's sounded great.  They had a nice soundstage and the bass was tight.  I heard the Wilson Sabrina's at a UK Hi Fi Show in 2015.
They had a nice sound, but the Sophia's had a bigger soundstage and the bass was much better on the Sophia's. 
I heard the first version of the Wilson Sophia's. 
Correction i meant to say i hear the Wilson Sophia's on the Lamm 2.2 hybrid amps and the Lamm Tube preramp. 
Really liked the Sabrina's that I heard, powered by the McIntosh 252 or the Naim Uniti Atom. Dynamic and exciting are two adjectives that immediately come to mind. Some of the best bass I have heard for a speaker at that price point. Haven't heard the Sophia's however. Not that it matters but I do think the Sabrina's look better and would likely fit better with the decor of a room. 
Weren't the Sophia's a more ambitious project by Wilson? I thought the Sabrina was made to a more affordable price point.
Thanks for the input on my question guys, I have had my Sophia 1s for 8 years and do love them, bought a pair of the Sophia 2s 3 years ago for a good price and liked the 1s better so sold the 2s, the prices on the used market are coming down  for the Sabrinas so will probably wait for a deal on a pair in black or silver and try them in my set up. I like the idea of the smaller footprint and lighter weight but the rest of the system is staying pat.