Wilson Audio SOPHIA II"s or III"s; good or bad passion.;on CJ gear ?

The title says it all. Anyone want to give .02 about Wilson Audio Sophia II’s or III’s. Not other ones but these please and owners with real time on the clock please. Watt Puppy 5.1 and above are also welcomed info. 
I've been running a set of Sophia 3s for about 6 years with CJ amp/preamps: ET3SE/ET250S and then moved to ET5/MF2550.

I have loved my CJ/Sophia combo for years (and still do).

I was more than willing to trade out the lumpy bass of the ET205S for it's glorious midrange. Moving upstream to an ET5 and then the MF2550 improved the sound across the board and definitely tightened up the bass...it was a magical pre/amp combo with these speakers.

(I recently replaced the MF2550 with a Pass Labs XA25. The MF2550 had a location-specific buzz that I couldn't get rid of, so it went to my second system, where it doesn't buzz. ???)

In all the years I've had the Sophia's, I've found that the "hot treble" that people talk about really depends on your cables and your hardware. With the ET3SE, yes, hot treble, even with the hybrid ET250S amp.

Once I moved to a complete Shunyata Sigma cable loom (save for SCs), put in a Shunyata Triton & Typhon, and the ET5/MF2550 combo, no hot treble. YMMV

Finally, I will say that the Pass XA25 is an awesome amp for the very dynamic Sophia's...it makes the CJ amps sound bass-shy, flat, and muffled by comparison. No hot treble with the Pass either.

That is very interesting to hear medwardo. I just picked up my first pair of Sophia 2’s this past weekend. Still assessing them. I will say for anyone listening. My Revel Performa3 F208’s held a good ground but the Sophia’s are in a different class. I’m not a cable expert nor hound so I will do some research. I’m using Zen Technologies cables from previous set up. It is a bi-wire cable so I actually used both +’s on one terminal and so on for negatives. I have a GAT 2 and no worries. It is still burning in so I can say as well my Premier 17 LS pre runs well with them as well. My amps are Premier 12 mono’s w/ C1 Teflon upgrades; super great amps. My new CJ ART 150 arrives tomorrow so the GAT2 w/ ART 150 and Wilson’s should be a great set up. I’ve always wanted to try PASS amps as well. Your XA25 has enough power?
@jahatl513, yes the XA25 has enough power for my listening habits and how easy the Sophias are to drive. It can play louder than I want to listen and I haven't noticed anything lacking compared to the two higher powered SS amps I've used.

Congrats on the ART150...along with a GAT 2, the Sophias will sing.
I have the W/P 5.1s and though detailed, would not consider them bright (which I define as upper midrange glare or treble prominence/imbalance)..  However, I bought mid-range MIT speaker cables (HD-60), so they probably go a long way to reduce what others may attribute as brightness in the W/P.
I don't have this problem with my Wilson Sophia II's. In addition, I use Acoustic ZEN cables, They are bi-wire on one end and not on the other. I simply use both wires on the speaker end and the one set coming from the amp. I do not feel the Sophia's are bright. I use Conrad Johnson Pre's and CJ tube and SS amps.