Wilson Audio Sophia I vs. II vs. III

Hi folks,

I am new to this exciting forum. So let me shortly introduce myself:

I am an audiophile enthusiast since 2006, so quite a newbie to say so. I am based in Berlin - and so far had more contact and experience with European manufacturers and equipment.

I have 3x systems at home:
1x Studio chain with Apogee Ensemble DA and Mac Pro with an active monitor system from ME-Geithain
1x Main mastering suite with Wilson Audio Sophia I, Meridian G08-CDP and Symphonic Line RG9 MK 4 Reference HD amplification and Synergistic Research cables
1x Living room chain with Symphonic Line RG10 MK4 amplification, Streamer from Musical Fidelity and Sehring monitors

I recently discovered Wilson Audio - and I find them amazing.
So the Wilson Sophia I in my mastering suite is a result of that... :)

Now I am looking for a new Monitor in my Living room.
Therefore I checked out the Wilson Sophia III.

My impression is, that especially the high end is much more open and transparent and the bass is more precise than with Sophia I. On the other side I find the Sophia I more coherent!??

Sophia I in Germany is 5-6K Dollars...
New retail price with some discount for Sophia III is around 18-20K Dollars...

Now... that is quite a considerable price difference apparently. Regardless of that I was not sure after my listening sessions, if the Sophia III really sound better in terms of coherency. I can hear especially the difference in resolution... But somehow I find the Sophia I more enjoyable.

As I could not compare both versions in the same room and with same electronics I am riddled a little bit.

What is your guys opinion and experience?
I could get another Sophia I for 5K Dollar in excellent condition... But I am not sure, if I probably should swallow the bitter pill and aim for Sophia III... As said: from my hearing sessions Sophia I sounded more coherent...

Curious to hear your opinion and views.
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I haven't heard the Sophia 1's but recently had the opportunity to upgrade from the Sophia 2's to the Sophia 3's . I frankly was amazed at how much improved the new version was , it is also more user friendly , eg , the access to the crossover resistors is now on the back instead of underneath . I would hang out for a used pair of 3's as with so many people moving up to Alexia's and Sasha's there are bound to be some 3's on the market . Try asking your local dealer to contact when he gets a pair traded .As with any improved product , shortcomings in other parts of the system will be more obvious , alas .
Check the archive. This question ahs been answered several times.