Wilson Audio Sophia I & Krell KSA 50S Amp

I fix to buy used Wilson Audio Sophia I but I wonder my Krell KSA 50S Amp (50 W/PER CHANNEL) can drive that speaker. I would apprecitae who has high end experience give me advise.
Thanks a lot
Yes it will, I had both of those products in my past experiences but not simultaneously. They vary more than a decade based on design and evolution.I have used the FPB600's with the Sophia as well and did achieve good results. I unfortunately realized to either change the Speakers or the amplification based on my evolved preference of listening. I began to appreciate neutrality and warmth which is not quite the key signature of these two combinations. I was willing to sacrificing the ultimate control in bottom end which only some the big power Krell's were capable of doing (I am referring about that gut crunching deep bottom end).

They will definitely work based on the appropriate cabling, preamp and all other factors with this silly fascination we have. Will it suit your taste and preference? Only you will know once you try them out. Good luck.

P/S: The Wilsons Sophia's are great speakers!
Without question 50 wpcs will drive the Sophias. Get Sophias, then when you can get up the dough, get better amplification. But you have to start somewhere and that would be with the Sophias which I've personally heard with a 15wpc integrated to great effect.