Wilson Audio Sophia 2 or Goldenear Triton 1

I can get a used pair of Sophia 2's for a litle more than the price of new Triton 1's.
Room is 20'X13', Rogue 90 and Odyssey Stratos amps( will eventually upgrade amps if needed).
I listen primarily to classical music and presently have Odyssey Lorelei speakers, which are terrific, but lack the detain and dynamic range for symphonic music.
Thanks for your insights.
For what it is worth, I have heard both at a dealers. I would never have thought to compare the two, they are in totally different leagues, or at least in my opinion. The Wilsons are far superior in musicality, they deliver a much deeper defined bass. Also the mids and highs will have a much more accurate timbre and presentation of sound field. Don’t misunderstand, I think the Golden Ear speaker line is a phenomenal value and could be priced higher and not hurt their footing in the marketplace. But I still think of the two, the Wilson will be much more pleasing, especially with classical music.
Again just my experience from hearing both and the impression they both made on me.
Very helpful....thanks.
Great question to show that "which is best" opinions are a dime a dozen. 

I've heard Wilson speakers off and on since the 1980s and have never been overly impressed -- I always think "hi-fi" when I hear them as opposed to "music." I much prefer the Tritons and they are one of the best values new on the market. 

Wilson, like any other high-end audiophile product that's been around a while, has its followers. I'm just not one of them. You will need to listen to both to find out which camp you're in. That's not a choice anyone else can make for you. 

I have listened to the Golden Ears and the Wilson Sabrina. The Wilson's were hands-down better in my opinion. (I haven't heard the Sophias, but I would buy a pair if the price was right).
As mlsstl said, opinions are a dime a dozen, so YMMV. If you want more details, let me know.
Haven't heard the Tritons but have heard the Sophias, I think they are really a good choice for your musical tastes.  A very musical and forgiving speaker, unlike earlier Wilson models like the Watt/Puppies.
Just got my first Wilsons, the Sophia 2.  They are phenomenal.  I just got the placement in my room dialed in this weekend.  I've been playing jazz, rock, blues, classical, you name it, and the sound is just wonderful.  I can't speak about Tritons, but I am a happy camper with Sophia 2.  Good luck!
I just read a little on the goldenear, to see what it is all about.  It seems it has a strong relationship with Definitive Technology's Mythos series.   If this is the case, I will strengthen my previous comment and say, get the Wilson, hands down, no comparison.

I owned a pair of Def Tech Mythos super towers a few years back.  My wife, who may have better ears than I, always complained about the sound.  I quickly outgrew them myself, wanting a more pure, higher end speaker.  I sold the def techs and bought a pair of Rockport Mira Monitors and paired them with a Wisdom subwoofer.  This upgrade made the Def Tech Mythos sound like child's play in comparison - there was no comparison!  The Rockports are a world class speaker, and made much more realistic music.

Most recently I switched to the Wilson Sophia.  I did this for two reasons, the first of which was that I had yet to own a proper, high end floor standing speaker, and I wanted to have that experience in my system.  The 2nd reason was that my Rockports had not depreciated at the normal rate, and held much of the value that I paid for them.  The Wilsons on the other hand, seemed to depreciate at the normal rate.  The result was that I could leave Rockport & Wisdom for the Sophia 2 at an almost even trade, despite the higher system cost of the Wilson.  Cake and eat it!

not only did the Rockport-Wisdom combo blow away the Def Tech, the Wilson Sophia 2 is out performing the Rockports in my room.  Not by a ton mind you, the Rockports are outstanding.  But in my room, the floor standing Wilson is simply better that anything I have ever had before.  I am unbelievably happy.

hope this helps, good luck 

All helpful comments. I am auditioning the Wilson's tomorrow and expect to purchase then. Will post my comments after I have them home a few days.

Curious to what amps you like with them. I will try my Rogue90  tubes and Odyssey Stratos but am thinking a Pass xx.5 is in the future.

May also try the Benchmark AHB2 as you can purchase a Amazon with liberal return policy.



I'm using an Audio Research VT100mkII & LS25mkI for the Sophia 2's.  They drive them well, with plenty of great definition bass, but I think a bit more power would not be a bad thing.  I do need to turn the volume up quite a bit (3 o'clock on the dial) to get to the rock out levels.

I could see myself upgrading to a ARC ref 150 or a pair of ARC 200 watt tube monos, though that will be years away.  I am quite happy.
I'm not familiar with either loudspeaker, but if I were going to audition them I would want to do so without any predispositions.  With all the variables involved with doing a demo, system synergy, listener preferences, room issues, etc., it's not out of the realm of possibility to prefer what others consider the lesser choice.
Good point onhwy61.
When I heard the Wilsons and GoldenEar, the set up was not the best, but I have to say the Wilson's were in a class above the GoldenEar, so much so, that I wondered why they are so highly esteemed. The dealer kept saying how the reviewers said they were so good, but my ears kept telling me- no way.
So, jferro, do go in with an open mind and try to think about the associated equipment when you demo them.
The Sophias are one of the few Wilson speakers that are not particularly fussy about amplification, as I recall.  You should note what you audition them with (maybe take your Rogue or Stratos with you?).
If sharp and froward are what you have in mind then the Wilson's will be just right. Have not heard the Goldenear.

As other have mentioned audition both and let your preferences decide
You will hear a much more tight/coherent presentation from the Wilson, and this likely is the largest difference in the experience between the two. 

When I switched from the Vapor Audio Nimbus White to the Joule White 3 (both reviewed), there was a very pronounced difference in cleanness, tightness of imaging, of the sonic character being cut from the same cloth by all drivers. The quality of the elements used in both were identical, but the driver configuration was different. The Nimbus had a sense of grandness and scale that was caused by the 15" bass driver (versus 11"), and twin midrange drivers, versus one. However, in terms of superior overall sound, the Joule was more clean and focused, which should be expected given the design and cost differential. 

Both sound presentations are legit and wonderfully enjoyable. There are characteristics of each which cannot be duplicated by the other, which is why I love variety in  the hobby. :) 

If cleanness and precision and most valuable to you, then it is no surprise that the Wilson is to your liking. This does not mean that it is inherently superior as a brand - that would only be determined by comparison to like speakers - but that your ear is drawn to the design characteristics. You should go with what your ears like. 

I personally love my sophia 2s and find them to match well with the Ayre 5 20th anniversary series.   Wireworld cables.
Jferro, how did your audition go?
The audition was outstanding and I purchased the Sophia 2's.
I am using them with a Rogue stereo 90 and they are very clean and musical with a bass that is deeper and better defined than I expected.

Glad to hear about your purchase, hope you continue to enjoy your speakers.  I thought that the Rogue might sound good with them, it's a good quality amp and the Sophias let it shine through.
Congratulations!  Coincidentally I just acquired my Sophia 2's a couple of weeks ago, and I am also using a 100watt tube amp.  Outstanding sound, no?  I had my Sophia's on wheels until last night, experimenting with positioning to a degree that I had never done before.  Switched to the spikes last night.  Good luck and enjoy!
I wish you hours of great listening. The Wilson's would be my choice, too.
Congrats and enjoy!!!   IMHO the Sophia 2s are a great value on the used market.
Those golden ears are fatiguing.