Wilson Audio Sophia

Wondering if anyone has auditioned this model at length. Thoughts, and/or comparisons to Dynaudio Contour/Confidence models welcomed. thx.
A dealer in Dallas has both on display. I bought the Watt/puppy 6's before the Sophia came out. If I had to do it all over again, I'd go for the Sophia's and spend the diff else where. They are close to the 6's. 6's beat 'em with slightly better bass, slight more detail, slightly easier to drive.

I like the Dyn's, but the wilsons are a better match with my gear...
I have to agree with the Soundstage review, probably the best speakers under $20K. The only one that come close is the JM Lab Mezzo.
i did not listen sophia,but if you are talking about mezzo utopia you should absolutely listen kharma ceramique series speakers.

You wouldn't happen to be a Wilson dealer or owner of the Sophia, would you? ;-)

I can't comment on the Sophia's but I can attest to the wonderful sound of the Watt/Puppy 6.0's. It took me 4 months to achieve system synergy, but it was well worth the effort. Hook these up to a pair of Manley Ref 500's and you are there. The sound still amazes me. This isn't HiFi, but rather music that touches the soul. Pure magic!
I heard the the Sophia in the same room as the Watts, and the Watts were the winner on all levels musical involvement.

If I had $10K to spend on new speakers, I'd take a look a the Talon Ravens(I'm not a dealer). I'd put savings toward a pair of Parasound JC-1s.