Wilson Audio Sabrina X Reviewed ! WOW

"If you don't have $329,000 for some Wilson Chronosonic XVX's, you get a Massive Helping of that Performance PACKED into the Sabrina X" !...

Hard to drive, needs good current, but still need that Class-A sound to keep the upper-mids and highs in check.
Just made for Gryphon amplification, especially the Antillion/Mephisto/Diablo300/120, and Essence if you don’t want to go too loud.

As tested: The SabrinaX has an EPDR of less than 2 ohms between 65Hz and 275Hz, with a minimum value of 1.1 ohms at 90Hz, where music can have high energy. The partnering amplifier needs to be capable of driving 2 ohms without stress.
Cheers George
WOW...his room sucks! If you’re going to make your living as a reviewer, first n foremost get the room acoustics in order.