Wilson audio Maxx2, i am thinking of getting a

Maxx2, but my room size might be a problem?
10.5Ft wide x 17ft long x 8ft height, i have to place apart 7ft because of my screen is 7ft wide.
Do someone have the same size and have maxx2 in their system, appreciate any comment.
Or anyone prefer others speaker than Maxx2. Used price range is apprx. $19,000
Your room is small for Maxx's. I have them in a room a little wider than yours, a foot longer and with 10 foot ceiling. Even in my room I wonder if a Sasha may have been a better choice. In my old home I had Maxx 1's in a 23 foot long room and they really opened up more and the bass response had the distance to sound It's best.
plan on spending another 1.5k-2k on tube traps. will make all the difference in your performance.

i've WPs in a room smaller than that...the diff before & after tube traps was far greater than any electronics change.
I have them in a room 14x17x9.5 high and they perform extremely well. I talked with Wilson about this before I bought them, give them a call. Not only did they give me input about the application but they explained in detail why it would work well. They had zero to gain from it so it was not a pitch. I had WP in the room before and the switch to Maxx 2 did not complicate room issues..in fact, I think there are less. Unlike the above poster, I have no tube traps and do not feel them necessary in my room. I do use a couple diffuser's but would be ok without them. Very impressive speaker. Very differenct from the WP sound which surprised me.
thanks everyone.
anyone else have the about the same room size as mine.i like to have more feed back, living in Vancouver region is not easy to get one.
actually i could tear down the wall and make it to 14ft wide.