Wilson Audio MAXX series III

Hi there,

anybody has more info about as on the Wilson side?
price? heard it? maybe against a Maxx series II!


Is this a rumor,or something a dealer told you. I have not heard of a Maxx series 3
Go to their website for more detail ! It's up.
I talked to my dealer today, this seems like a wonderful new speaker !! Wilson apparently announced it today at a trade show...
According to my dealer the price will be $70k usd.
Too bad the price increase is so substantial - $45k vs $70k.
Its looks like a mini Alexandria.

See link from "avcat":
thank you all for your response and info!
on the Wilson audio webside on the Maxx serie 2 vs. 3 comparingsheet 2 :


they writing over a Alexandria X-2 Serie 3!

if this is not a write error the changeover from serie 2 to 3 was very fast!
Just a year or i'm wrong?

let me know what you think...

i'll say this: dave wilson knows how to run an audio mfg like an auto mfg; new models every year! (at least dave stages his releases)
If the price is $70K and the W/P $27K, does this open a spot for a new speaker?
Since the Maxx series 2 is now a boat anchor, I will be looking out for these on A'gon for pennies on the dollar.
Same here. I like the design of the new Maxx 3 but no way in hell can I drop 68K on a pair of new ones.
sooner or later there will be also maxx 4, Sophia 3, Alexandria 3, W/P 10...........the matter is we can replace speakers but not our ears?
While Wilson's prices go up with each revision, so does the performance. Also, this doesn't lessen the existing models at all. And creates a fantastic resale market and great opportunities for some.

Seems like big change on the way for the MAXX III. Much more than the change from I to II, which was a nice improvement. I suspect the MAXX III is closer to the Alexandria than the MAXX II (I can't base that on any factual listening, just a assumption on my part)
different pic

Wilson has the New Maxx series III on there website. The New Maxx III's looks like a Mini Alexandria. It uses the same technology as there flagship speaker. Plus the Maxx III's will cost you about 20K more then the Maxx II's
I am tempted but I made an interesting calculation. Used Maxx IIs will go for about 25K. The 40K difference in price is a ton of money. You can almost buy a 2nd hand pair of Alexandria for that much. While Wilson is a great speaker, no speaker does it all. So my thoughts are.... get a 2nd speaker setup. For 40K there are a ton of great speakers out there that would give anice 2nd voicing.
dgad: pretty good math :) I am just wondering how close the maxx 3 comes the the Alexandria soundwise.

maybe alexandria series 1 $$'s / 2 = maxx 3
The inevitable question can not be avoided - what is the best sound : a new MAXX series 3 or an used original Alexandria X2?
I got a chance to hear the new Maxx 3 yesterday, right next to the Maxx 2. Same system. All level matched. The Maxx 3 is pretty amazing, it is not a improved Maxx 2. It's in a different class and much much closer to the Alexandria x-2 than the Maxx 2.

The simplist way to decribe the differences are the Maxx 2 is still a awesome speaker. One of the best for reproducing recorded music. The Maxx 3 leaves you with the impression your at the live event vs listening to a recording. The Maxx 3 infuses the music with life, realism and beauty. Startling improvement.

I wonder if I should take it as good or bad news. The change is very expensive and your words make it tempting to listen. If I listen then....., no I am staying away. Furthermore, can't they leave the Maxx II and add the Maxx III? How are the highs in comparison?

My foot is tapping more loudly now as I wait for delivery of my pair. I sold my Maxx2's six weeks ago and ordered the 3's, realizing too late how empty it made my pockets. Here's hoping they are worth six months of eating canned food and a new 5am paper route... :o) I am not sure about the highs, but my wallet is already feeling the lows...

I have a quick question that maybe you can help me with getting a sense of the comparison between the MaxxII/MaxxIII or the X-2/X-2 series 2 at the factory or at Dave's house.

Wilson Audio is well-known and well-publicized with the procedure of getting that last ounce of perfection in music representation utilizing their process of dialing the last exact 1/4 inch of speaker placement. This is to optimize the speakers for the environment in which they are placed.

So, if one set of speakers are optimized, the second set must by definition have less than an optimal placement. Therefore, one set is at a distinct disadvantage. Which set would be optimized and how do you think that distorts the straight-up comparison?
I would order a pair but I have to keep some spare cash just in case I have to go to ER.

The Maxx II's are very good.
samuel: stay on that paper route, the 5 am mornings will be paying off!

magicchef: good question. one speaker was set up perfectly on each of the maxx 2 and 3. So for the Maxx 2 the right was spot on and the left slightly off. The Maxx 3 the left perfect right slightly off. Each speaker was equally compromised. So the comparison for test purposes works out and not advantage to either the 2's or the 3's.

The maxx 2's are very good. still one of the very best out there!

dgad: more resolution in the midband and top end especially. tonally very similar, just more information coming out. more coherent...more clues to spatial and openness...
Can anyone describe what the specific differences are? I understand there is a new head unit. Did they upgrade the tweeter?

This might be best...
My friend's Maxx 3 has been delivered this Monday and he was using the Maxx2 before it. I have helped setting it up and listened to the Maxx3 for four consecutive days.
I have listened to all wilson speakers except the Whamm and all I can say is this is truely a great speaker, full stop! It wins the Maxx2 hands down and in many ways I consider this a breakthrough design among wilson's speaker range, including the almighty Alexandria.

Pls feel free to look at the photos taken at:

Hi my maxx 3's arrived yesterday, set em up last night and dialed them in today. My dealer just left a hour or so ago. WOW, WOW and WOWSA compared to my Maxx 2's

Stop it!!! You are making me jelous. But I am truly happy for you.

Enjoy them. I assume you need some time. But detailed descriptions are wanted. Photos etc.
None of you are making the situation any easier for the rest of us, LOL. Congratulations on getting Maxx III's
I went to listen to MaxIII in show room the other day. It was driven by all solid state gears. It was very dynamic with lots of presence and great bass. However I did't feel it was musically satisfying. Maybe it should be mated with tube amps?
However I did't feel it was musically satisfying. Maybe it should be mated with tube amps?
Or maybe a myriad of other possibilities.
I wonder if the Maxx III can be satisfactorily driven by SET amps, specifically the 18wpc Lamm ML2.1? Some people have no problem driving the Alexandria with the ML2.1. Has anyone tried the Max III and Lamm ML2.1?
The Maxx 3's are so new, might be hard to get this combo you're asking about.

I plan to try my Maxx 3's with a single BAT VK75SE vs my current 150SE's over the Christmas/New years break. If it works out, I'll sell one amp and use the other to fund some new purchase or payoff bills (more likely(

The Maxx 3's are effortless with the BAT 150SE's...
Wilson audio says the Maxx 3 is an easier load than the Maxx 2 even though the specs indicate the Maxx 3 is 91 dB vs the 92 dB for Maxx 2. And the published nominal impedance value of 4ohm is the same. I wonder what makes the Maxx3 an easier load.
Technically I can't really answer.

But from experience, the Maxx 3 plays louder at the same volume setting on my preamp than the Maxx 2's.

My dealer commented that the better time alignment allows more of the music to arrive at the precise moment, giving the impression of "loudness". Of course that also allows a lot of detail, decay, good things to also happen. I do listen at lower volume settings now...
I've had the Maxx 3's now for a few weeks now, and went through a significant burn in phase--breaking in a pair of the Berning Quadrature Z mono's at the same time. The 3's sounded too hot and beamy for a while

Having had the Maxx2's for almost four years, the differences designed into the 3's became obvious once burn in was complete (200 hrs or so).

The 3's are significantly improved in the areas of coherence--music sounding fluid with all frequencies in exact harmony. Definitely more speed-- transients stop and start with far greater "suddenness" giving an incredible sense of musical timing. Rhythmic elements in sound literally leap from the speakers, while with the 2's the PRat was more subdued, the pace a bit slowed.

Related to that, dynamic range is w-a-y better. Quiet to loud transitions are more subtle and sinuous, literally wrapping you up in the music and capturing the scale of performances more accurately. Dynamic headroom is also vastly improved with even less noticeable compression at the extremes than the 2's (one of the 2's strengths). This is the area I imagine the X2's are still obviously better in.

Pitch articulation, weight and impact in all frequencies also seems much improved over the Maxx 2, which in my room tended to have some overhang at 60-80Hz and sounded comparatively muted in the upper mid. These Maxx 3's stop on a dime in that range and give you that "thump" to the chest and quiver of the pant leg that was missing with the Maxx 2's.

Sound in general strikes me as more three dimensional in terms of weight, presence, focus and timbrel clarity, where subtle instrument shades are more vivid and 'in front of you'. Although I appreciated the Maxx 2's while I had them, in contrast they sounded a bit fuzzy, sluggish and were nowhere near as good at defining fine transient lines, detail and pitch--the words slurred and sluggish by comparison come to mind. Again, these were fine distinctions but still noticeable in contrast.

Overall a fantastic upgrade affecting and improving the listening experience and the pleasure I derive from listening to music

My comparisons were largely made using both the new 200w Berning Quarature Z monos and ARC 210's with ARC Ref 3 and CD-7.

Love the Desert Silver color.