Wilson Audio floor jack

Has anyone found a suitable or similar floor jack as the one Wilson Audio dealers have ? It is used to prop up the MAXX or Alexandria when changing the wheels to spikes.
The jack has to have a very low minimum height.
I just went and bought my dealers "demo" Wilson Audio floor jack.
A beautiful piece of machinery. I plan to change the wheels to spikes tonight.
I answered your question in an email.

BTW - for those interested, RRP on the brand new jack is $799.
Is that the cyroed model E?
Actually, my Wilson dealer says the floor jack costs $799
Wow. Un--believable. I mean the jack is built like piece of jewelry, but $800 !?!?!?
I found almost an exact replacement for the Wilson floor jack, about six months ago, but didn't write the brand or website down. Help
How much clearance is available under the speaker? I bought a super low profile floor jack to lift my sports/race car a while back and didn't pay anywhere near $800. I wouldn't call it "jewelry" but did the job. Worth taking a look.
This is Handymann again.  I didn't go in to too much detail.  I actually saw an exact clone, of the jack used by Wilson for  $199.00 and an audio enthusiast was saying he had bought one for his Maxx II's.  I thought I would be able to find it again on line, but all attempts have been futile.  You can't beat the price and it was just like the one the dealers use.  Clearance is 2  3/4".
I found the jack!  For those of you who need an ultra low profile speaker jack, go to California Car Cover and look for the "low billett" jack.  It's about 1" tall, lightweight aluminum and perfect for getting under those low profile speakers.  Just ordered mine for $199.00 total.
Too funny - I just found it a second ago too after reading this thread.


Thanks for the info I need this for my WP 8's !!
Did you notice that the part that fits under and touches the speaker as you raise it is not perfectly flat as with the Wilson floor jack?  Looks like you will want to put something on it so it is perfectly flat and will not "dig in" to your speaker.
Yes-I noticed.  No Problem, but thanks.  I will probably remove the bracket type base.  1" high!  Perfect.
I received my speaker jack today.  It's perfect.  No need to do any modifications-the bracket is rubber coated and the jack works perfectly.
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Handymann, probably the Wilson jack is a clone of the low billet jack, not vice versa. I find it disheartening that an item that looks basically identical sells for $200 versus Wilson charging $800.
Yeah, but the Wilson jack no doubt comes blessed by those on high.....

Thanks so much for posting this - I just ordered one as I am feeling guilty for keeping my Maxx2s on casters because I don't want to face having to tilt them to get the casters off one side at a time, and having them run away on us.
How about something like this? It is only 2 3/4" in height. My Wilson Maxx IIs have a clearance of about 3 1/2" from their bottom plates with the wheels on.  Still gives some clearance even when sunken into a carpet. Not as pretty as the California Car Cover Co. product and much bigger to store, but might be easier to lift the speaker.