Wilson Audio Duette 2's vs Tekton Ulf's

Help...I am going crazy reading the Tekton DI forum.  And now there are comments regarding the Ulf.  I have a pair of Wilson Audio Duette 2's.  I have two Triad Silver in wall Subwoofers to complement the bass from the Duette 2's.  My integrated tube amp is Raven Audio Reflection MK2 with 58wpc.  That combination has been absolutely awesome for me in a room that is 30'wide x 40' long.  Yes, I know not the perfect listening room but the music that comes out of my system sounds like a concert hall.  In addition, I have a Lumin A-1 DAC / Music Streamer and a Synology hard drive for music storage.  I love my system.  This is strictly 2- channel as I have a separate dedicated theater room also.  

Originally, for fun I was going to buy the Tekton DI and just compare them to the Duette 2's.  I figured I would compare the two speakers and sell the ones that I did not like as much.  Yes, they are two totally different speakers.  Then, the Ulf's came out and Eric said they blow the doors off of the DI's.  Naturally, I am interested in the Ulf's.  However, in this situation, I would need to sell my Duette 2's before ordering the Ulf's.  Am I crazy?  I am comparing the Duette's that cost $23k vs a Tekton Mini or Ulf at $7.5k to 12k.  

I live in the Phoenix area.  If there are any audiophiles out here that would not mind listening to my current system and telling me what you think I would love to hear your comments.  It is very hard for me to give an objective opinion on my system.  Like I said I love it....but like all of us, if there is a way to improve it we do it.  I just don't know if the Tekton Ulf's are an upgrade over my Wilson's.
 If I were you Id get onto other sites that dont have Tekton owners trying to support their purchases.The DIs have been touted as mount Rushmore speakers here but just so so on other sites,"good for the money" speakers,Ive read that a lot .I havent heard Tekton but I did speak with a good buddy on the west coast who auditioned the double impacts at length as well as the new mini DIs..Not refined at all,more of a rock and roll JBL 70s type speaker,the fit and finish along with the drivers and crossovers are basically what one would expect for a 3 grand speaker,his words.If I were you Id take the time and go listen to these speakers your thinking about buying and not go by the hype or over hype from users on this site,and certainly not go by what the guy thats selling them is telling you,Use your own ears and make the call.If they sound great to you,pull the trigger but going on what others tell you is just foolish, IMO...oooh you might want to consider this company is adding ,upgrading,speakers at an alarming rate....and we all know or should know that the speakers we have once upgraded to a new version makes values dump ie. Raidho.

Missioncoonery, with all due respect, your persistent negativity toward Tekton speakers and those who own them has grown tedious in the extreme. There is a very noticeable and annoying air of condescension in your posts toward those  of us (and yes, I am one) who have actually tried the speakers and found them to be excellent, as if we are somehow inexperienced fanboys or have something to gain from our enthusiasm for the performance of these speakers. Or even more strangely, that the Audiogon site has us all under a spell, since there are reports elsewhere that some people--including from good buddies on the west coast--listened to the speakers and found them not quite so satisfying.

I do agree with you that "going on what others tell you is just foolish," a wise observation about audio in general that could be conveyed without couching it in yet another anti-Tekton semi-rant. 

I have owned and enjoyed a range of gear over the years, and feel no need whatsoever to defend, support, or justify any of my purchases. I would recommend that if you are going to deputize yourself as a member of the "Tekton police," that you at least find the time to listen to a pair for yourself. Otherwise, I can scarcely imagine an opinion that has less relevance for someone interested in learning more about the speakers.
Someone that negative about a product unheard is not going to change their mind after listening no matter how good it sounds. I wouldn’t trust anyone sharing an opinion of a product they haven’t heard. Expect a post in a month or two from stating he heard them at a "friends" house and they were just ok or sucked. This poisonous and negative mentality is nothing new in the hobby.

OP do yourself a favor and bring them in for a trial and let your ears decide. IMO there will be as many people that dislike the Tekton sound as those that love it so don’t go selling your excellent speakers quite yet. I’m expecting sooner than later I will have a guest comment negatively on them during a demo although so far everything has been overwhelmingly positive.

Waltersalas and james,
I'm not here to defend missioncoonery. Him and I have had our differences in the past and have more or less called each other out on different occasions specifically about loudspeakers. The current Tekton thread here is, I believe approaching 2000 posts. A lot of us "non-Tekton" owners are quite amazed at the discussion and hype these loudspeakers have been getting here. In spite of what you think, not all of us are "Tekton haters." Many would like to have a lengthy audition, myself included, but don't want to part with several hundred dollars of return shipping to find out. That is, if we don't like them or just feel they are not better than what we already have. I'm sure the majority of potential Tekton customers would rather go to a nice bricks and mortar audio store to have a no cost no obligation audition. As I have said before, many of you (with the exception of Kenny) are just being to defensive of (The New Baby)....
People can't help but knock Tektons for some reason, especially over on avs forum. Some of those guys are scathing. My take is if you haven't heard them why are you even chiming in. Comparing Wilson Duettes with the ULF seems a little strange to me. 2 way small speaker to a enormous monolith. 

Until today, I don't think I've made a single post that anyone could construe as "defensive" of Tekton. I was intrigued by what I read about them, made a relatively minor investment in shipping charges to audition them, and reported on what I found as clearly and accurately as I could when I got them and had a chance to hear them.

I have been to more than one bricks and mortar store to audition speakers, and without fail, the experience has been unsatisfactory. How do you know what that speaker will sound like in your room with your gear by listening to it in another system in a different room? I have never understood that. Maybe you would get some sense, but in this hobby where small differences are often writ large and so many things are system-dependent, I am skeptical of such auditions.

I am afraid there just is no shortcut or substitute for hearing them in your own system. Even in my own, I very nearly judged them too soon. Thank goodness I waited for an appropriate amount of break-in time.
@ mr_m With the long the list of gear I’ve had over the years it is clear to me I am not a fanboy of any company (maybe ATC a little) The Double Impact was such a stand out product for me I felt compelled to post to this site and share my thoughts with other owners. I don’t think anyone else on Canuck Audio Mart has them. Ordering the Mini Ulfs could end up being a very expensive mistake on my part as the custom finish means I won’t be able to return them. Sometimes a company gets it just right with one product and that might be the Double Impact.

I like good sound and if Tekton makes a bad sounding speaker I will be first in line to bash it. I couldn’t stand the Acoustic Zen Adagio’s I bought unheard and bashed them every chance I got even though they were loved by reviewers and owners.

I've been in this hobby for almost half a century. I can get a pretty good handle on how a loudspeaker is going to sound in my listening room, even upon first hearing it at an audio salon. I think it's fair to say I have a pretty well trained pair of ears. I'm in full agreement that you have to have an audition before purchase. To do otherwise is just plain foolish. I
have also brought speaker systems home to my listening room. Even the large ones with no more cost to me than my time and a little sweat in lifting. If you have had unsatisfactory listening sessions  in an audio salon, then maybe you should take a different approach in your tactics. I have bought speakers via mail order and was able to audition, in my home, with absolutely no cost to me if I decided to return them. And that includes return shipping costs. I have even driven over six hundred miles to some of these manufacturers to listen to their speakers at their facility. What I have just described to you is the way I would like Tekton to be. I would LOVE to hear Eric's latest creations. There is just no dealer or person who has them around me to go listen. Or at the moment no one I know. If you or anyone else wants to gamble with return shipping charges for an in home audition, then by all means, have at it. I'm am now retired. I am by no means poor, but my disposable income is not without limits. I still find ways to listen to tons of gear with no cost to me.
james. Interesting what you said about Acoustic Zen. I've heard some people swear by them, and some other people swear at them;).......
Mofo....Yes I know it is strange to compare The Duette 2's to ULF.  I know I love the Duette 2's and the sound absolutely fills the room with the power of my Raven Amp.  
I wish I could hear the Ulf's even if it was on You Tube.  I too have listened to hundreds of speakers at audio stores and I even attended the Newport Audio show.  I agree that what sounds great in those settings does not mean it will sound great in your own environment.  I have no desire to order Tektons Ulf's or for that matter the DI and then try to ship 400 lbs. of speakers back.  I would even fly to Utah but Eric has told me his operation is not set up for listening.  I look forward to any and all input from people who can provide me their insight on my dilemma
Not setup for listening,lol...Id p
Pass and be thankful for the wonderfull speakers you have
Willgolf, the Ulfberhts sound amazing. They will easily fill your listening space with great quality sound. If you were near Tampa, I would invite you to come judge for yourself. The rest is up to you. I bought them sight unseen, and would never return them.

I just saw your thread and I believe I could offer my experience in listening to your wilsons.
I belong to a local audio club and I get to listen and or borrow all kinds of gear.

I have heard the Wilson Audio Duette 2's at a members house in a room sized 20x30x9 ft and powered with a pass labs Xp-10 preamp and a pass labs Xa-30.8,both of these components were previously owned by me and sold to my friend.I have never heard either of the Ulf's but I do own the DI's and I will give you my opinion between the 2.

The wilsons sounded pretty good for a 2 way design beating other 2 way speakers of comparable size that I have heard in the past.But basically there was no comparison to my ears in every sonic aspect that I can think of with the DI's winning in every way.

The Di's to my ears sound much more realistic in,
Image size
Natural Tone Color
Ebb and Flow of the music that is just effortless,meaning the music just flows out of the speakers naturally.
Soundstage that is much wider and deeper with excellent Liquidity,system dependent Offcourse.
Much bigger sweet spot of sound.
And obviously much better bass without using Subs.

I need to have my friend over to my house and listen to my system for himself so he can compare and we will have his opinion in the mix.He travels a lot and the timing hasn't happened yet.
I have described the sound differences to him but he is quite skeptical.

I know you are faced with a tough decision and I wish you the best of luck,

Perfect feedback.  That helps.  I would love to have your friends independent view when he can.  Thanks.
Beware, as many have said of, 'A friend of mine said', advice. I would never buy any speaker that I had not auditioned. To me that's the only way to really know. Plus, there's the added benefit of anticipation, audition... foreplay if you will, the beating heart of being an audiophile.

Good luck.