Wilson Alexx V

The new Alexx V is to be released at the end of this month 3/29/21.  Any thoughts or predictions on how this one will compare to the current one.  I know no one will know for sure until it’s out.  They say it’s based off the XVX.  I believe this one may rival the XLF in a smaller package. New tweeter, midrange and increase in bass enclosure size and the new Xcaps.  More efficient?  Any thoughts?
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@charles1dad  I find this forum to be much more accommodating and less agenda driven...enough said. 
So, lets get back to the OP, and discuss the upcoming Alexx V--which if my experience with the current Alexx is anything to go by, should be an outstanding speaker, if one can budget for it.
Who is the guru?  The site has moved a few degrees from serious to slapstick, but it still has a descent cast of characters. If you sort through the witch doctors, luddites and sycophants, arcane knowledge can be found.
Wilson makes a great speaker. Like anything in the high end returns diminish as you work your way up nut that's the rule thumb for almost every industry.  I look forward to hearing the new Alexx, hopefully in crowded convention center elbow to elbow. 
@daveyf if you’re going to bad mouth another forum you should let people know the reason you’re not posting on WBF is because you were banned and more than once after sneaking in under other names and not because you chose not to. The last time you wanted in so badly that you snuck in as a girl and still got found out! You should get your facts right if you’re going to accuse someone, the guru only advises specifically against specific overpriced power cords because of their coloration.

@dkarmeli Nice for you to join us here---I wasn’t going to point out who the all seeing, all knowing guru is--but since you have graced us with your presence...
Do tell us how your ching cheng power cord garbage is working out for you--
Trust me, I have never sneaked back on that forum, no reason to do so...it’s such a big YAWN these days!!