Wilson Alexia vs Raidho D3

Has anyone compared these two speakers head-to-head?

Totally different animals,

Wilson superior dynamics, plays louder, bit more low bass emphasis.

Radiho overall more transparency, more coherence.

Personally I would take a pair of Sceana 3.2 or a pair of Vivids over either one of these speakers.
Dealer disclaimer.

Audiooracle, Please list that you are a dealer when replying and in this case what a wonder that you would rather a pair of Sceana 3.2 or Vivid's which you happen to be a dealer for both lines and not a dealer for either Wilson or Raidho.

Sorry, just want to make everyone aware of the reality of Audiooracle's reply to this post.
OP, it will depend on your associated gear and music preference. From what i've heard the Raidho excels with vocals and the Wilson is very flexible with different music genres...both are known to be solid speakers but your ears must decide.