Wilson Alexia 2

Has anybody had a chance to audition the new Wilson Alexia 2s? Thoughts? And how do they compare to the original Alexia's?
I haven't heard them but purchased a mini version pair of Yvettes. Absolutely ecstatic with the speakers. Imminently musical. Love the new 'low tech' tweeter much has been made of. The highs are detailed and very sweet... Just all around awesome. The Alexia 2's can't miss. Good luck. 
Just got them in a few weeks ago, and did a launch event with MSB 204 monoblocks powering them.

We have them hooked up now to the Audio Research GS150, and it's exquisite as well. Eventually, we'll put the D'Agostino Momentums on them, but we're in no hurry, as it's sounding awesome right now.

Unfortunately, we haven't had the first Alexia to do a comparison.
Thanks for the link, fdpdk. Sounds like I need to start saving for a pair of Alexia 2s.
imgoodwithtools, your welcome

and if one has the space and money i am sure its a great speaker :-)
would love to hear such a pair.