Wilson Alexandria or JMLab Grande Utopia BE

Did someone hear the new Wilson Alexandria against the JMLab Grande Utopia BE? What are the main differences?
Sure- no offense, but like any dealer has both of these set up in the same room.

Both are statement pieces, and the price difference is large. I also don't know why you would ask the forum for opinions on these--at 80k+, only you can be the judge
One of the wisest replies and insights I've seen here lately, Keith.

I would extend that response to include virtually all opinion related discussions involving expensive electronics, speakers and accessories. More often than not, these opinion threads splinter into disparate opinions, a listing of favorites and behind the scenes marketing that flourishes on the audio-hobby net forums.

I have listened with both speaker systems at different times, at dealers and in home settings. Any opinion I might have would be neutralized by the differing contexts. Both systems were impressive. A $500 plane ticket --or two, is your best investment when it comes to this kind of choice and expense.
I have heard the JMLab and was not overly impressed, but that was at a hi-fi show. Even for no money, I wouldn't trade my speakers (except maybe as an investment to sell).

Although I haven't heard the Alexandria, my gut feeling is that they would far surpass the JMLab.
But as has been stated, it is only your opinion that counts. Would you buy a Mercedes 55 coupe at $125,000 without a test drive?

in the latest german audio magazin (issue 5/04) the alexandria clearly surpass the jm lab, with a -record -109 points grading against "only" 104, for the jm lab.
Dear Richard,

Mercedes E55 you can always buy without a test drive. I drive this car in the station wagon edition. 472 horse power is enough for some fun! If I buy HiFi equipment I always look for the market price for used parts. So I always prefer the famous, well known names, because I don't want to loose to much money if I would like to sell the part.
No contest, the Alexandria is the best loudspeaker on the planet and the Grand Utopia struggles to make good sound. The Sophia's are a more musical speaker. The BE sounds boxy and lacks the imaging and musicality of the Wilson X2.

Also do yourself a favour and examine resale values, those Grand Utopia's drop in value quickly, something you may want to keep in mind.
Alexandria the best speaker? Based on what definition, procedure, and citeria?