Wilson Alexandria

Has anyone heard it yet? It's starting to receive some press coverage. Thanks.
I will be at CES 2004 so probably will hear then.
I listened them today for a couple of hours. If I win the lotto, they will be on my short list.
Wpuppy, where did you hear them? How much better are they then the 7's? Thanks,
I listened to them at the Wilson dealer in Silverdale, WA. They were connected to Krell MRA amps and a SACD Standard cd player. Comparing them to the 7's is sort of like comparing David to Goliath. They are the closet thing I have FELT to a live performance. You not only hear the sound but you feel the emotion in the air. I felt the entire range of the music but was not overwhelmed by it. The sound is full, quick but relaxed, extremely resolving but very smooth. Bass extension is......out of this world. Of course, the refrigerator sized MRA amps handled them with ease. I would like to hear this same system with a top notch cd player or vinyl. They are incredible sounding and the design is a work of art. The impeccable finish was the new Grigio Titano. Highly reccomended if you got the room and the dough.