I own Watt Puppy 7's and I currently use a CJ 350 premier amp and 18LS Pre Amp and the sound is great but only at higher db levels, I'm looking for more lower volume detail. I've heard that Pass Labs is a good combination with Wilson, so I was considering an XA 30.5 and I'm not sure if it's enough amp for these speakers? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I have 7's and have tried several amps. To my ears and a consences of other valued ears, 7's sound best with tubes. With good ss, the 7's do come alive at higher volumes but they also lack mid volume level "presence." The tube warmth tends to bring out the mid volume sense of music. The ss has been several versions of ML and the tubes different Sonic Frontiers with some tube roling with the output tubes. Hope this helps.
A superb match that will bring you to tears as well as rock you out is the ARC VS115 amp...a terrific bargain! I used the VS110 with WP 6's and it was amazing..suggest an ARC Preamp as well, even an older LS 25 would be great.
The PASS X250.5 sounds great with the W/P7s, with plenty of power. The MSRP is close to the XA30.5

The XA30.5 was under-powered on my Wilson Sophias, I went with the X250.5 + X1 (preamp.) and have been very happy with the results.
Lamm M1.2 reference are the only way to go with the Watt Puppy 7.
My experience with wilson speakers is you need some power behind them. WP7's can play very low and need the power to control the puppies.

I have WP8's and the VTL 450's and I think they are a match made in heaven. low listening levels they are very good, however Wilson speakers like to be played loud. I find mine really come alive around 75-80db.
I have no horse in this race stanwine, but I would strongly urge you to not waste the extra money on the likes of Lamm or VTL or any other of the overpriced nonsense sold these days...been there done that! Audition a VS115 amp from audio research...it will make great music and you could get an LS26 or even a Ref 3 as well for the price of one of the other amps. You could even skip the preamp and go with a wadia or levinson CDP with direct connect volume control...less stuff makes for purer sound.
>>You could even skip the preamp and go with a wadia or levinson CDP with direct connect volume control...less stuff makes for purer sound.<<

That's hardly true.

In my experience, in more cases than not, a linestage in conjunction with a digital source is preferable to the digital source direct.
I was hoping you would respond Audiofeil. It makes me smile inside everytime we disagree. You with your seasoned self assured vision of what is and should be and then there is me with...shall we say, a more impressionistic and impassioned approach to things audio:) You are correct here, most of the time a great linestage will improve things, but I have used the ARC/Wilson/Levinson combo before and it does sound awful nice sans preamp. All depends on your listening criteria and budget.
Since you already have a superb power amplifier I would suggest listening to an ACT2 series 2 in your system. The premier 350 is very detailed and deserves a better preamplifier - the 18LS is not in the good enough for the 350.
IMHO an ARC ref3 - ref110 combo is in the same class as an ACT2 - premier 350, just a very different type of sound.
I have tried both systems with Wilson 7 some time ago, cables were Transparent for the cj , Shunyata for the ARC.