Willl you spend over $5000.00 for speakers?

I always wondered what type of person will spend over $5000.00 for speakers. I bought a used Willson WITT 1 for $5700.00 and I am told by people that I am out of my mind. I don't care what they say. I love my WIIT 1 and soon to upgrade the speaker. Willson Audio is one manufacture who cares about your investment in a beautiful well built speaker and allows you to upgrade the speaker for a fee. Wow!! What a great sound. Kick back and drink a cold beer while I enjoy one song after another.

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Yes this is a good limit. Get a pair of Quad ESL-63 or Audio Physic Virgos or Martin Logan Aerius (depending on someone's taste) with a e.g. a REL Stadium II subwoofer and enjoy them. You will have _about_ the best sound available around. Or try DIY speakers, Lynn Olson's Ariels, or Lowther horns with good tube amps and wonder how good they can sound. Yes it _is_ worthy to invest more if you are very rich, but for a "normal" muribund the above speakers offer cca 90% of what is available from loudspeakers for any price (if anyone can make statements like this, I'm a perfectionist :-)