William Schaefer Monitor's

Has anyone heard a pair of the new William Schaefer Monitors, the components look similar to the ones that are in my Red Rose monitors, the ribbon tweeter in particular, at the price there asking I'm very curious about them!
Actually, they look more like rebadged Aurum Cantus Leisure 2s...
Yes I heard two different models here in Cincinnati!They are very nice sounding and Beautifully made!I liked the monitor especially because it was voiced with a very smooth high end.The right crossover and the right kind of tweeter[ribbon] for my taste.The midrange was VERY natural and the bass response good for a monitor this size.I am considering a pair for my "music only" system driven with a small tube integrated amp...the floorstnding two way was visually stunning in rosewwod,as were the monitors, but was overkill for my pourposes.This type of quality in this price range is the result of buying direct from the manufacturer,I was told.Well worth checking out IMO
I'm relieved - at first look, I thought this said "William Shatner Monitors".