Will you check this out

Thought I'd share with others. It'll move ya.



Great story... thanks for sharing!
Bill Moyers interview with Joseph Campbell is an eye opener too. We are all connected. Joseph Campbell realized that "God" was just a metaphor for that which trancends all levels of intellectual thought. A very clever man - he saw the common thread in myths, religions and story telling - to me "music" is very much of a similar vein - we are all touched by it in ways that are intellectually totally beyond description and seem to be shared by all.

That is just terrific. I missed that episode of Bill Moyers. Thanks for posting that.
Absolutely wonderful
Thank you for that link. What a great project. Here's their main website in case anyone's interested. I'll echo Shadorne's recommendation of Moyer's interviews with Campbell - great stuff and very memorable - his stories resonate so strongly that they are not soon forgotten.
Inspiring! Gives one hope.
They did a great job with the music. I hope they come out with a cd. It would make a great Christmas gift (or Holiday of your choice)... something meaningful while spreading the news of good work.
There will be a dvd.
Beautiful. Thank you for sharing.