Will we now see "Borophene" cables?

Ran across this article and couldn't help but think of the next generation of exotic cables. Perhaps borophene/silver?
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Well its been going on 30 years now since I compared enough to conclude cables are equally important contributors to system sound quality as any amp, phono, or speaker. That's thirty years of watching one thing after another come and go. Any list of materials, construction, design, etc that are supposed to make the difference would be well into the hundreds I'm sure. Yet when the durn things are actually plugged in and listened to it never seems to work out that way. Instead what happens, far more often than not, is you find its not the design that matters but the designer. Some are just a whole lot better at it than others.

Now over that great long time span the one designer who has by far impressed me with the most consistently amazing high-value products is Ted Denney III. Which this ain't him. And so techie articles like this don't even register with me. Who after all would pay any attention to something that hasn't worked for thirty doggone years???!

Clorophene? More like borophene....
Nah more like Boromir. One does not simply immanentize the borophene.