Will Wadio ever make an SACD player?

Curious if anyone has heard rumors, innuendos or other unsubstantiated gossip i can cling to.
didnt you know sacd is on the way out?

not enough sales!
Not enough sales because software never really supported the format. It's a shame really.
People have been saying SACD is dying for years and yet it just continues to grow- when its not around and there are no scheduled release dates, its dead. As it stands now there are over 2700 titles available with plenty scheduled to come out soon.

To answer the question at hand, I suspect Wadia will not negotiate with Sony to get the software needed to bring SACD to there stable.
Sony has basically stopped making new SACD's, at least that what I see posted on several internet sites. That basically is the fat lady warming up in the next room.
The latest failed format, from the company that specializes in formats that don't gain acceptance. Beta, the Elcaset, SACD... the body count continues to grow. It's enough to make you wonder how much a big Sony monitor might cost if they weren't constantly writing off huge losses. Will the blue laser be next?
Someone's gotta kill that fat lady...whomever she is.
All of the SACDs and DVD-As have been moved to the back of the store at Tower Records, in a separate room that houses the classical section. Many people still don't know what they are. Personally, I am only buying hybrids, until this works itself out. Since there appear to be little or no new recordings (versus old reissues) coming out in SACD, it doesn't appear that the industry is sold on the format. Plus, redbook players are improving greatly.
Wadia probably won't. They may never make another CD player.

Interesting to read all the naysayers' comments in light of the fact that there are more high-end companies releasing SACD-capable players in 2005 than ever before, and the SACD software catalog continues to grow.
Don't forget DAT. You're right, Sony does seem to specialize in failed formats. Not bad formats technically, but they don't know how to support it. I've read where they do it on purpose. They would rather have the pond to themselves and have it dry up, then share it. They figure their R&D can always find another pond. They may be correct, from a business standpoint, if not from the customers standpoint. They are pretty much a monopoly. Nobody dominates the hardware AND software ends of the market like Sony.
I don't think they're writing off huge losses. By owning the whole pond, they're cleaning up. Have no pity on Sony, only their consumers.
Rex, you hit the nail on the head and yet the naysayers continue on.

Sony has only stopped making the actual SACD discs, they will continue to release material on SACD.
SONY recently celebraed their 5th year anniversary of SACD and expressed their continuing interest in supporting and promoting this medium (see SA-CD website under NEWS). So jump on and offer your support.......they sound great!!
memory strick anyone? another defuncted format.
News flash you naysayers. Sony just introduced a brand new $10,000.00 SACD player/system at CES.
That's the problem. They need to free up the licensing so that 20 companies have $10K players out there. I'm still waiting for the software floodgates to open, as that's the key. I'll bet their is more than 1000 cd releases for every one SACD. Software limitations are what's strangling the format, IMHO. If the software market was flooded with even just 50-100 times the new releases, the hardware manufacturers would follow.
the days of actually owning physical media are numbered. the future is all about subscription services and premium service levels. the software owners have nothing to gain by distributing 5" optical disks, the profit margins aren't very good except for mega sellers. with subscription services the profit margins are great, even if no one listens to that particular "albumn".
After 5 years and someone's trumpeting 2700 titles available? I got more titles than that on CD right here in this room. Hell, I could buy more than 2700 brand new LP titles right now. I don't see any reason for Wadia to pony up the money for SACD when the catalogue is boring, boring, boring. And a few occasional gems admittedly. I don't have an SACD player and can't see why I would need one. Oh sure, I have some hybrid discs but I got 'em just for titles not because they were SACD. A couple of Dylan discs that I have yet to play and a Stones CD that I do play but I ain't dropping big bucks on a player just so I can listen to Beggars Banquet. I don't see most of the underground music that I listen to (whether it be psych-noise, drone, jazz or avant-classical) ever coming out on SACD.
Since most of us probably have a substantial investment in redbook and are still buying tons all the time, I think that Wadia could focus on their immediate concerns and keep putting out killer CD players while they reorganize.

I have nothing against increased resolution formats but I'm not sure that SACD was ever the answer and it sure has gone nowhere fast. Or perhaps gone nowhere very, very, very slowly would be more accurate. For the meantime, for better and worse, I'm married to redbook. As far as CD's goes. I still buy plenty shiny black discs and spin them on my so-called "turntable" which is having it's own format wars with Classic Records putting out those fancy-dancy 45 RPM discs......
I own a DVD/SACD/DVDA player, and i bought it to function as my main dvd player, the sacd and dvda are just there as a bonus to me, however i have found a few sacd's (which i strongly prefer over dvda's) that are just mesmerizing, James Taylor's Hourglass is really amazing in 5.1 surround. Anyway, for whatever it's worth, my .02...
Rex, why do you write that Wadia might never make another cd player? I haven't heard this - did i miss something?

Wadia has already made another CDP. They have a new flagship model that has been around for several years. I would guess that they are deciding on whether it would be financially feasible to bring it to market. Perhaps someone with firsthand experience with the company can comment.

I asked someone at the company several years ago whether they would develop a machine with SACD capability. The response was something like, what's the point? Meaning they felt that Wadia on redbook sounds better than SACD. The company line is that if something comes along that makes a significant improvement, they would welcome it. And also, that the current models would potentially be upgradable for future technologies.


The comment that Wadia does not see any point to SACD is interesting. That apparently is the opinion of the Theta people as well. In the manufacturer's comment to Stereophile's review of the Theta Generation VIII DAC, the manufacturer noted that its DAC would be retrofittable for SACD playback, once a digital interconnection protocol is worked out, but they thought redbook CD playback done correctly is superior.

So far, I have found really good CD playback to be better than the SACD machines I've heard. By really good CD machines I mean, specifically, the Audionote DAC-4 and DAC-5 and the Naim CDS3 (the machine I own, it replaced a Sony SCD-1). Other machines I heard and liked include the Audio Aero Capitole, the Burmester 001, and the MSB machine. I saw and heard the Audio Aero universal player at CES, but I cannot really comment on its sound; the system, however, sounded good.
Kublakhan - last I heard, Wadia is "reorganizing" yet again. This is like the fourth time in the last two years. Rumor is that their design team has left the company.
I recently aquired EMM LABS CD/SACD equipment. It's CD playback is widely,acclaimed as one, if not, the best available.
SACD playback on their equipment is a whole different league......there is simply no comparison to its merits over CD. That's the point!