will using rca connector degrade sound quality?

i ordered a alpine ute 80b and i cant connect  sobwoofer wires to it because it doesnt have the plugs
someone told me i could use a rca line output converter, will it degrade the sound quality alot? :(
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I tried to Google what connectors you have in the Ute 80b, but didn't find it.
So, can you specify what connections are on the unit and what connectors are on the sub?
  1. It doesnt have the sub input jacks on the back like other stereos has
You are giving us precious little here to help you with.  Is this a car stereo?

Do you have a link to pictures of the connectors?  What subwoofer are you trying to connect to?
There's nothing wrong with RCA, but it's for signal, not speaker level.

Signal level is very small and can't move air becaues it's so weak.
What subwoofer you want to connect to it?
You need a powered subwoofer with high level (speaker level) input parallel connect to the speaker terminal.
If your powered subwoofer only has line level input, a speaker to rca (line level) converter will be needed. How much its degraded the sound is depend on the quality of the converter.
I use RCA for speakers. Gamut and Spendor. Just ordered some new ones with RCAs Don't turn me in!