Will upsampling of new DAC make lossy sound as good as Lossless

A question :


With most of new DAC’s using their upsampling make a lossy Spotify like file as good as a cd quality .

Most of the DAC’s I see move every file to a very high sampling rate and do a lot of  behind the scene adjustments.

will this “ fill in the blanks “ for lost data and make it good as the original?





nope, not crappin you 

I run a Chord Qutest thru Roon

I ran on mp3 files in my library, and then compared it to the streaming version in Qubuz .   I was pretty dumbfounded as to which I liked better

Give it a shot, granted,  I’m an older geezer with probably less than optimal hearing 

In the past , MP3’s sounded like crap to me 

Shrill, edgy digital . Especially,  on old rock 

not now 

I’ve eaten my words,  on audio many times, over the years 





"Good" is subjective. It might, it might not, depending on the listener.

I’ve not found upsampling to be uniformly positive; sometimes, it makes things sound worse to me. Also, I don't care for lossy audio unless I'm in a noisy location like a gym or car where I can't hear the difference. So to your question, to my ears, the answer would be


The missing information cannot be restored accurately from what is left. If it could, it would not be information.