Will upgrading Umbilical cord power supply to preamp improve sonics

H, Is there any advantage to an higher quality umbilical cord. Cables everywhere else make improvements for me through out my system. I've never put much thought into this and don't even know where to buy or if they are even available and if so where? If anyone has done this upgrade was it a large improvement and not just subtle and what was cost per cable? Thanks

What I can tell you is that I replaced the stock umbilical in my ModWright Sony HAPZ1-ES and it made a stunning improvement.   More than any other PC or IC replacement I ever tried.  It was like a component upgrade.  I had one made for me by Audio Magic.  It was one of their Liquid Air designs, which I believe are no longer available.   Like anything else, this is always going to be a hit or miss deal.  The only way to know is to try it.  
Revelation Audio umbilicals where a worthwhile upgrade for me on Pass XP-20 and XP-22 preamps...
I had ARC SP15 ungraded cord before upgrading entire preamp with Black Gate caps and everything else(Ceramic Tube Sockets all caps etc).The upgraded Umbilical made a dramatic upgrade in sound quality hope you can get a top technician to do it.Good luck!!
Cables everywhere else make improvements for me through out my system.

Indeed. My experience has been every inch matters, and I mean all the way back to the panel, and beyond. How much, and at what cost? There's the rub.

Thanks, I will contact the above cable company's, now I know where to go. I'm quessing like everything else copper,silver and quality of connectors determine sound.
Although they make good products I would be very cautious when dealing with Revelation Audio. Please do some research.

Dont forget the connectors as well. You havent mentioned what type of preamp you own. 
What are the issues with Revelation? I’ve only purchased their products used and have been very pleased 
I did read before my second post when vendors names were given Revelation audio has had some issues with not shipping items after funds exchanged. I'm going to avoid them if this is the case, don't know if it is true but just what I read online. I guess each vendor is going to have a flavor of its own. Now I'll just weed through that now. Just want neutral if these umbilical produce a signature sound.
NO! The sound of any audio circuit starts with the power supply. NOT the wires going into and out of the supply. To believe otherwise is to fall for the entirely subjective opinions of the untutored! 
You could talk with Chris at VH Audio.  He will probably have some good suggestions and can probably build you a high quality cable for less than others charge. 
Yes. I have Revelation Audio going from power supply to preamp section and diy/cryo'd Acrolink 7N P-4020 II from power supply to the amp sections of my Musical Fidelity TriVista. Both made noticeable improvements in smoothness and detail.
I use a Triode Wire Labs Ten Plus on my tube preamp to great effect. I find my preamp to be sensitive to power cord changes, so yes I think it’s worth exploring. Good luck.
Audio Magic's custom Liquid Air Illusion umbilical for Modwright (I'm using it between the modified Marantz SA8005 and PS 9.0 power supply) is the best umbilical cable I've heard. It is superior to both the "Truth" and Wywyres umbiical cables.
Yes, umbilicals pass the Law of Efficacy; it is easy to hear how they impact/improve a power supply. Do not neglect working with the power cord feeding the power supply, as this, too, influences the result. 

I do not find that the umbilical has among the most powerful of influences of cables, but it is distinct, nevertheless. 

I tried WyWires and Clarity Cable umbilicals on the Plus Power Supply for the Exogal Comet DAC. Each has a distinct sound signature. The WyWires was leaner, and the Clarity Cable fuller/thicker.