Will this work to tame bass boom?

I have a pair of M.L. Prodigies, in a dedicated listening room, basement floor of my house.

I have two "bass traps" in each corner behind-flanking each speaker, but am still getting a fairly sizable "hump" around 200Hz.

My question; since this bump is right around the x-over region of the Prodigies, and is mostly being reporduced by the bass section, can I use something like a Tact digital room correction on JUST the bass sections of the Prodigies?

Any other suggestions?? (BTW - I've tried almost every possible set up, speaker placement, -3dB setting, etc.)

Thanks to any & all.
You could use a TacT RCS 2.0s and simply trace the target curve above 300hz. Then correction will only be applied to the bass region. But in the end, you might want to apply the TacT correction more completely.

I have Martin Logan CLS IIz's with 2 Vandersteen 2wq Subs. Bass modes were a major issue...so I picked up a TacT RCS 2.0s. It is an incredible product. You might want to search the archives of Tactaudiousergroup@yahoogroups.com to fully understand the nuances and complexity of TacT.

Another option for you would be the Rives Parc. People are very happy with this product, which is basically an equalizer to cut out bass modes. Unlike the TacT, which is working in the digital domain, the Parc functions entirely in the analog domain.

If you have questions about using TacT equipment with electostats feel free to contact me.

I assume you have exhausted the possibilities of re-locating the speakers?
Your main problem is likely a seating possition/speaker location cohesion/placment problem. You're either sitting in a 200hz peak, or you speakers, or both!
Besides "not enough bass absorbtion" at that frequency(or others), this is likely your main problem.
What are the dimmesions of your room? Also where do you sit, and where are your speakers placed in that space?
If you end up exhausting speaker and seating options, then yes, I STRONGLY RECOMMEND looking into the Rives Audio PARC. This is the single most transparent analog Parametric EQ I've encountered sonically. It's basically "not there" sonically, other than fixing your peak problems in the bass.
Other than that, if you do chose to corret the problem by simply "Bi-amping" your speakers, you can use a cheeper Parametric(like the Rane PE17) to simply put on the bass driver/posts. That way the midrange/trebble is untouched for sonic purity. Bi-amping also has benefits for dynamics in a passive system.
However, if your problem is right at the crossover point, you might run into challenges with Phase and level matching, etc, doing the latter route. In which case, I'd opt for the PARC(see www.rivesaudio.com) personally(and no, I'm not affilitated with Rivesaudio).
Still, your main problem is likely a room peak at that frequency. Figure your dimmensions and you'll know what your bass modes are, and where things lye.
Have you tried slapping some Tekna-Sonic bass traps on your speakers?
These would be much cheaper than a digital solution.
Anyone have success with these?
For the record, make no mistake, the PARC from rivesaudio is all analog!...not digital.