Will This Work?


I can get two of the preamps listed above for about a hundred dollars. If if get the proper patches and converters from Radio Shack,could I feed UNBALANCED signals from a dac to these units and from there UNBALANCED feeds to a pair of monoblocks?(Or covert the unblanced to balanced?)

--isolated power transformers.
--dual mono lines.
--tube preamp that gets the even number and odd number overtone series correct.
--about a hundred dollars

Is this doable? Has anyone here done it or something similar?

Thank you.
Yes it could be done. You can take the two positive outputs of one preamp and invert one for the negative then combine the grounds to one balanced cable. Then do the same for the other. You will need to use Y cables to send the DAC to both preamps at once. But looking at the preamp, it is probably already a balanced design as most pro gear is. You will just need two of them for stereo.