Will this stuff ruin my records?

I just bought a bottle of “Boundless Record Cleaning Fluid..” I’m suspicious of it for a couple of reasons. #1 it has the odor of clothes cleaning fluid and #2 It’s designed to be rubbed on and off the record with a cloth; I’m using it in a VPI cleaning machine.

Does anyone have experience with this product?
I’ve never used a cleaning solution that smelled before.


The only way you will know for sure is to try it on a less desirable record.  The better it sounds after cleaning, the better the solution.   I can only think the VPI will improve its performance, not hinder it.

Never mind.  Thank you.
I just used it, and the record actually was worse than before.

Returning it!

If it smells like dry cleaning fluid, dump it !!!

Dry cleaning fluid would likely damage vinyl. Then read the thread on cleaning vinyl properly. In my VPI I use distilled water containing Isopropyl alcohol up to 25% plus a few drops of Triton X100 or Tween20 per liter. Then I rinse w distilled water. 

Dawn (or any dishwasher liquid) added to distilled water is your friend! Followed of course by a distilled water rinse. No need to add surfactants! Those are already present in dishwasher liquids. I have safely cleaned over a thousand LP's this way!