Will this speaker work

Hi, I'm completley new to this so dont really know what I'm talking about yet. I've been wanting to get into this for a while so am finally doing some research into it. I like the pro-ject debut carbon evo for a turntable. Speaker wise I was looking at the pioneer dj dm-40 2.0 active speakers. I've heard that getting a pre-amp, amp and passive speaker is better but I think that will be too expensive for now and I can always upgrade later. If i get the carbon evo and these pioneer speakers can I just connect them with an RCA cable and it will work or are there still other components I'd need? Thanks
I’ve a Quad Vena II integrated amp. It has phono inputs, but when you get bored of those same LPs on your turntable it has a built-in streamer. And coax and optical digital inputs if you want them in the future. It does Airplay, and Bluetooth if you use it. Bonus - I think it sounds fantastic.  It’s the Swiss Army knife of amps. 
Quad Vena is great recommendation. Look no further, I suggest.

You’ll need the Quad Vena II Play for phono AND streaming.
It is one class beater package for <$1000.
Everything but Qobuz from what I see.
If you like 40kbps it has SiriusXM.
That Quad Vena looks amazing! Not sure if its quite in my budget though, I might try and find one on ebay a bit cheaper if I can, if not there seems to be a few alternatives available. So if i stick with the project carbon and manage to find an integrated amp all I need is a passive speaker I believe.
The JBL JRX 215 seems to have some good reviews at a decent price, again I am open to suggestions. Most of what I play will be Indie/Rock/Metal which I know can influence the speaker choice. 
The Quad Vena looks great but think I'd have to try and find one second hand due to cost. Was looking at the Denon PMA-800NE as a slightly cheaper alternative. 
Still struggling to settle on a speaker as I'm not entirely sure what to look for. Also I am unsure on what the power output on them means for compatability, for example the Denon puts out 85W per channel whereas the JBL speaker says 250W. Does this mean they cant be used together and if so why (just out of curiosirty)? 
Connection wise can I just use standard cables like RCA and whatever else comes in the box, I've seen a few people mention buying specialised cables which sound like another expense but I'm not sure if theyre necessary?
Feel like I'm asking a lot of basic questions so sorry about that I appreciate all the feedback!