Will this speaker work

Hi, I'm completley new to this so dont really know what I'm talking about yet. I've been wanting to get into this for a while so am finally doing some research into it. I like the pro-ject debut carbon evo for a turntable. Speaker wise I was looking at the pioneer dj dm-40 2.0 active speakers. I've heard that getting a pre-amp, amp and passive speaker is better but I think that will be too expensive for now and I can always upgrade later. If i get the carbon evo and these pioneer speakers can I just connect them with an RCA cable and it will work or are there still other components I'd need? Thanks
You cannot connect them with just an RCA cable because you need a phone stage/preamp between the two.  
Okay thank you, do you have any recommendations for decent ones that arent too expensive, and is it as simple as plug turntable into the preamp then plug that into the speaker?
Also what are all your experiences/opinions on using an active speaker like this for vinyl? Will it have that bad of an impact on sound quality?
Emotiva has a descent phono preamp xps-1 that retails for 199. If you could find a used one probably go for about 125 I would guess. 
There is a Rega Fono Phono preamp on ebay for 150 obo.