Will this solid/tube combo work?

I own a pair of Thiel CS6 speakers. Am considering buying the Levinson 333 amp, which has just returned from the factory service. I would like to match it with either a Levinson 38S or 380S preamp, or with a Canary Audio 903SE tube preamp. And the sound source would again either be a Levinson 36S processor with 37 transport, or a Canary CD 200 tube CD player. So the question I had was, since these speakers are power hungry, and since I really like the tube sound, will a tubed CD player and preamp be well matched with the Levinson 333, or should I stay solid state all around? Thanks!!
I have the Thiel CS5i which are hungrier than your CS6's. I run them with a Pass X-350 (I wish I had the X-600)and my preamplifier is an Audio Research Ref 1. Everything works very nice! All cables are MIT. CD Player is Accuphase 75-V.