Will this kill an amp?

I need to power my new center channel (Revel Voice) and am trying to decide what to do about amplification. My fronts are already covered with monoblocks and I do not have two rears due to the layout of my room. Setting up rears will require wall cutting, etc which will happen this summer. So in the meantime...

I have a Proceed AMP3 I'm not using, can I use it to power the center without connecting speakers to the left/right? I was under the impression it was a bad thing to turn on an amp not connected to speakers.
Tmitchell- First, I don't know anything about the Proceed. But assuming that it is a three channel amp, short the inputs of the unused channels, and to alleviate any concerns, place a 4 to 10 ohm power resistor on the output posts of the unused channels for dummy loads. The resistors may or may not be necessary depending on the amp topology. However, they are cheap insurance, or at least, piece of mind.

If you have any those cheap interconnects that come with equipment, just cut the cables about two inches behind the connector and strip back the insulation from the inner conductors. Then just twist or better yet solder the inner conductor to the out shield wires, and tape or shrink tube the exposed end. You have a cheap shorting plug that should do the trick. Good luck.
i would not recomend such a feet.it may kill the amp.
It'll work fine. The amp won't blow up.
I just spoke to an electrician about cutting a couple holes to install Revel Embrace.
just dont run interconnects to the unused channels,those channels wont be fed a signal and therefore cant amplify something it isnt receiving,will work fine. mike
Jcbtubes is right on the money for a SS amp. Shunting the unused inputs and putting a load at the output would cover just about ANYTHING short of the amp itself malfunctioning. However, i would not recommend this for a tube amp. Had to mention this "just in case". Sean