Will this hurt anything?

I have done something here that many have looked at me with a lost look and asked WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT? Here is what I have got and what I've done with it. An 8wpc Tube amp that began it's life as a Dyna st70, to a McIntosh MX130 processor, bi amped with an Adcom 5 channel for HT, an Esoteric CDZ 500. To what began their life as Snell Acoustic E III's. The Snells needed the drivers re-coned after many years and a front tweeter was replaced at the same time. I was still not happy with the sound and wanted to try some horn tweeters because of the lack of top end and some hearing loss. Bought some 8olm 10x4" horns of no name on ebay as an experiment just to see what would happen. Hooked them directly into the bi wire inputs not being used. Made stands for them so they are not sitting directly on top of the Snells. The sound difference was incredible! As if a veil had been lifted from all of the music I had been listening to. Everything from Morphine to Miles/ Train /Evans Beatles and all points beyond. There is such a drastic difference my wife doesn't even want to hear them anymore without the horns! Admittedly neither do I. The Snells still have the rear firing tweeters in tact and working as well as the front tweeters and the new horns. I never thought such an inexpensive change would make such a difference, but I am concerned that although they sound so much better, I might be doing some unknown [to me] damage to some other part of the system such as the Mac or am I trying to drive the ST70ish amp too hard. There are some infrequent moments when I do hear what I think might be a voice crackle But with Bob Dylan it's hard to tell what is him and what is the stereo. And although Joni Mitchell is getting on in her age I can't tell there either. Any suggestions?
Do your horn tweeters have or need a cross-over?
If they need one and you’re not using one, you’re going to burn them up!
Honestly I don't know weather they need one or not. How would I be able to tell? There were no instructions with them. And would I burn up anything but the horns?
DO you think it is a DIY project?
Considering I'm messing with this stuff my self, yes, Pubul. If I mess up my stuff, I have only myself to blame. Why do you ask? And what do you think?
If it sounds good do it. Tweeters on their own stand? Show us a picture. Don't see how this could hurt your other equipment.
I was wondering if it was a production piece that you might be able to find by using google and the specs.
OK let me get this straight... you're using "no name" Horn tweeters from ebay to replace Snell E-III tweeters and have the reaction "as if a veil had been lifted"?

Those must be really incredible horns.. I find that hard to believe that it would be an improvement other than just being louder in the upper mids and treble. But.. I'm not there in your room to hear it.
I have a pair of the E-IV's which I think are pretty good for their price, I would hardly call their sound dull, dark or lacking in treble sparkle/transparency/livelyness.
maybe there was something wrong with the tweeters on yours to begin with?
Pubul, I' went back in ebay and the information has been removed but I'm still looking. I'll let you know when I find some more to tell you. I somehow don't think they need a crossover. They were not expensive either.
Xiek, I'm with you, as an experiment it has really been worth the try. I am though beginning to wonder why I needed them in the first place. And no it's not a louder thing it's clarity in stuff I have never experienced with these speakers. I never would have dreamed they would make that kind of difference but what I wanted was just to see how I liked the sound of a horn and weather I might ought to change over to something like Tannoy or maybe a Lowther single driver type thing. I just didn't know. All I really know now is that I like it more and I wish to goodness that you could come over and listen! Some other ears would be very helpful! I have had one friend over who has MAC+ C.J. + B&W 803"s his comment was only wow, just goes to prove you don't have to spend a mint for great sound. Now you have me wondering if there is something wrong with the new front tweeters that were installed while the re-coning was done.