Will this hold my 63 pound black beauty??!!

Hi Audiolovers, 
I've done it (again) and bought myself a new amp and I just realised my current equipment rack might not be able to hold her... so I'm currently bidding on this bad boy... 
My question is do you think this rack will be able to handle my 64 pound tube amp? I'll take off the redundant wheels 
The other components are only about 10 kgs each, so no worries there... 
Thanks for your informed opinions! 
I would replace the glass, on the shelf you want to place the amp on (lowest preferably), with solid wood of some kind.
If it’s properly built and not chintzed on parts, I would not be concerned about any glass shelves.

I have a bespoke custom-built clone of the NAIM FRAIM
and the tempered glass shelves support my REGA OSIRIS integrated amp with EZ- PZ ease. ( ~ 57 lbs)
According to the comments on the ad below the photo even the owner doesn’t know. You pays your money and you take your chances.
Glass looks to be about 1/4in thick and is sitting on steel crossmembers. I think you would be just fine. 
Thanks very much everyone! My current rack has four small metal tabs that the 1/4 inch thick tempered glass rests upon, even though my dealer said it would be fine, I'm going for the more overcautious (but budget approach). We had a baby 7 days ago so I can't go spending too much money just yet. 

64 pounds is nothing. If the amp has 4 feet, that’s only 16 pounds on each foot. You’ll be fine. And before someone jumps on me and says that the feet under the transformers will have more weight on them, it will still be fine. It will not be enough to cause any problems.
Uh, you forgot to add the weight of the stand itself. Nice try, though.
Wouldn't the glass shelves ring?  That is what I was told when looking for an audio rack.
Have my sunfire 600 (not near 60#) on a bottom glass shelf, bottom shelves as mentioned are not hollow under, they have the steel bracing rungs under the glass, whee the top 2 shelves are pretty much tempered glass with no bracing under.

I use two cutting boards as stands, for my mono blocks.  i garaged them, and cherry stained them, they look great under my amps.

bed bath n beyond, has some nice cutting boards, as u only need one, it will look great on a solid wood cutting board to either side of the rack, or behind, in front....

enjoy the ride.
Uh, you forgot to add the weight of the stand itself. Nice try, though.

16 pounds on each foot of the amp, you numbskull.  Nice try, though.
Something that works for me is stone....(No, not ’stoned’...Stop it. *L*)

You can either replace the glass, or set the amp upon it under the rack if that will work in your situation.

As for the stone itself; get thee done to the nearest (or cheapest) firm that does countertops. They always have ’drops’ from cutting tops to fit sinks, or generally ’leftovers’ of various types, patterns, colors....

We used to have a shop next door that did (and still does, they moved to their ’purpose-built’ shop) and had ’leftovers’ by the pallet load....

...and would throw them away. Too small to be useful....*shrug*

Squared edges, polished...or as fancy as you like. *G*

If that’ll boat your float....;) (Works nice with turntables, too....)
(...now, if it was a 64 lb. Class D amp, I recommend .5" plate steel instead.....can’t be too careful....)

"....50 thousand watts of Funky!".....;)  Voice coils like bazooka shells....
I would be afraid to buy based on pictures. What if it doesn't turn out to be as ugly in real life? Then what?

Also I'm not too sure about those wheels. And the glass. Other than that.... you could probably throw the glass away, fill the whole thing with sand, get a few cutting boards, and some BDR Cones, and with just an extra hundred bucks or so have a pretty decent rack. 
I know they would up here, not sure about down under. No, really, I have two Primaluna Dialogue 7 monoblock's that do fine on tempered glass.
I wouldn't take the chance. I'd put the amp on an amp stand and keep it on the floor.
there are two load characteristics which may be of interest

load point capacity  - how much weight a floor will hold per unit area.  The common example is the displacement of a woman in high heels.
At some measure the weight at  the point of the heals and soles will crush thru.  generaly in pounds per sq. inch

floor load capacity - how much total weight that glass and it's support  mechanism hold before crashing down

you might test the later by stacking workout weights or 10 gallons of water