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Greetings all, I have taken the plunge to get back into the audiophile game. I am picking up my Martin Logan summit Xs today, but the amps I ordered to drive them have not arrived yet. I want to make sure that the speakers work, so wondered if hooking them up for a few minutes to our tiny Sony desktop integrated/Cd player would be OK. Obviously this is not a high quality component, but I didn't know if it would fry the amp in this desktop unit just by briefly connecting them to the Summit Xs (the Summit Xs dip to very low impedance at the high frequencies). We use this little amp for background music in our living area, so I don't want to damage it

THanks for your advice
If you play them only at a whisper it should be Ok for afew minutes.
Just check to see they make reasonable whisper like sound.
No problem.
Almost any amp of any type is Ok with any speaker at very low volumes.
It is when you play it louder the problems arise.
So very soft.. pianissimo.
If the Sony has standard speaker outputs it won't hurt the amp. I can't see any need to keep it at a "whisper." Just run the volume at the normal level/setting you normally do. I'd be curious as to your impression of the sound.
Thank you, Elizabeth and Timrhu. I am going to give it a go.