Will there be stereos in Heaven? Cables?

Or will you just think of a song in your infinite mental list and it will start playing in your head? If so, there will likely be a way for friends to listen to (new?) songs together and surely you couldn't play it so loud in your head that it would disturb others, don't you think, but on the other hand, in Heaven, wouldn't you think that you could tell what others were thinking ,i.e. hearing, and you could change it and the 'player' would still like the song you played better? Plus if the best cable ideally is no cable will there be cables or wires in heaven,I think not, you? Thanks.
Yes; BUT if you are bad, then all you'll get is a Radio Shack receiver and some Bose 201 speakers.
Only for those who do not sell their soul here on earth searching for Audio Nirvana... and you know who you are!
You been playing to many of those cds that make people feel suicidal?( insert favorite group name for that genera)Or ELO backwards??Or: all good things go to heaven esp.Sound Labs best,and really CLEAN power for the amp;and no worry about sidewall reflection. Amen.
I'm obviously as bored as Markh; my second response. DYK most every manufacturers name; of product comes from the names of stars/ planets/or constellations? They want us to be closer to heaven.Hey,it's dam hard,given the thread titles I get/to make something amusing out of almost nothing.I guess what I have is almost nothing,huh?
Why would you need a stereo in heaven when you can listen to the angels sing. It something I won't have to worry about. What I would like to know is if there will be stereo for us Hell bound ones.
Think I will probably be like Brulee and head off in the other direction where there will be the most perfect stereo system to satisfy every possible audiophile wish. Trouble is as I reach up to scratch my ear(s) I'll find them gone..!! Richard.
What would it mean if a Tony Orlando and Dawn song was all you got your head to remember? Now I'm scaried of death, thanks Markh! J.D.
Hi Jadem6, that is a scary thought. I guess that would mean that you aint heaven bound. It will be nice to meet you.
I'm thinking we won't need a stereo in heaven, we'll enjoy the jam. Moon on drums, Jimi on lead guitar, alternate Morrison and Janis on vocals. Hopefully Zappa will arrange the tunes.
Jeffloistarca~I'm sorry jeff but I have to disagree. They will need stereo's in Heaven because all those folks, including the great Jerry Garcia, Kurt Cobain, Pig-pen, Brent Mydland, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and the like, will be with me in Hell! Come on you know that all the fun is down in the basement with Lucifer leading the band. Besides, no alchohol is served upstairs just sermons!
If you make it to heaven, and have received Jesus as your Savior and Lord, you will be spending your time praising the Master. You will not be worried about material things like high end stereos. They will all pass away. The only things that go are things eternal. Things that you cannot see with your naked eye, because they will all pass away. It is appointed man once to die, but after death the judgement. Hebrews 9:27 For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. Romans 6:23.
Well, we are a mixed household as far as religion goes. I'm sure that my wife will let me listen to her stereo in heaven:-)
I was once bound by stereo equipment, it ruled my life. Which is idolatry. But now I have put Christ first, seeking the kindom of heaven and all else will be added. Now the type of music I listen to glorifies God. Used to worship my McIntosh, but now I see it is just a hunk of electronic metal that eventually will get old and be out of date. It is not eternal, forever and ever like heaven. There is another place that is eternal, too. But I wish not to bein that flame. Wise men still seek Him!
Do you know how to make God laugh? ....tell him your plans! I'm just hoping that Creedence Clearwater's GH and Cowboy Junkies music can be played by angels with harps. Cheers. Craig.
God cries for lost souls. Its the devil the arch deceiver who is laughing at everybody being deceived in their carnal self. He sent his only begotten Son to remedy mankind, but they still forsake Him. Ye must be born again! Be come part of the spiritual world. Old things must pass away, and become a new creature in Christ Jesus. Thanks be to God for His unspeakable gift. Thanks for the opportunity to testify to God's saving grace Audiogon member's. Your brother in Christ.
With all due respect, how did this happen? I don't remember the doorbell ringing?
Egad! I just realized that a lot of High End interconnects and cables are named after serpents! Does that mean we're limited to Blue Heavens?!!
See what you started Markh. I once owned the mc2000 phono cartridge. Mc2000; You must have us confused with someone who cares. If someone asks you about God;go ahead and tell them. If they don't ask;don't tell.
someone will be good enough to play a few good notes when I run out of tracks and they start shoveling dirt on top of my box.
Someone comfortable with their own convictions and having something TRULY genuine to offer are akin to a forest cottage with nourishing food on the table and the front door wide open. Those passersby who are hungry may stop in for a bite if they so wish, or continue to pass by. MC200: Stop flinging food out the door at people. It's an egregiously condescending act with no place on an audio site. You're offensive. Oh, IMOP. Now, for the really important stuff, will there be SS or Tubes, will panels be favored, horns allowed? Maybe live music with Rumi on lute and Bodidharma on sticks? I'll bet the Druids rock.
I would like to think that there would be an endless supply of NOS tubes, or perhaps we will get a second chance to plug in all of those Amperex, Telefunken, and Mullard's that we tossed in the 60's and 70's when only 20% of their life had burned away.