Will there be a Puppy 8 soon

Why are there so many Puppy 7 on the net now. Also all dealers in Europe are now selling their Puppy 7 demo models at lower prices. To me this looks like the Puppy 8 is coming out soon (like Sofia 2). Anybody has news about this.

I just took delivery of a pair of series 2's. My dealer is a long time Wilson dealer and I did ask---He says the 8's are just a "net-rumor". So unless your uncle "is" David Wilson;the talk is just that,talk.
How could Wilson improve on perfection? There will be an 8 right along the time Wilson feels the need for a hefty price increase: it is written in the sky! Heck, he may even put $200 tweeters in his boxes the next time!
Avguygeorge...what's new with the series 2? Just the updated grills?

I have 6's now...I'm beginning to think about a diff color and the lil better sound...

If anybody ismlsitening when did the Watt/Puppy make it';s great leap foward.If somebody is interested in the sound but finds the price stepp what number get's them "there' without breaking the bank.Conversely I see many go for very little so wondering what to avoid.
My series 2's___ One speaker got dinged with a forklift so I have one speaker sitting here 'resting'; waiting for a 'mate'.--I can tell you,this is one lonely speaker. They did change the screws that attach the drivers and they now look better w/o the grills. I got the piano black and I find it more pleasing than the dark titanium.With the holidays and upcoming ces it may be more than a month before I have a 'set' in-house. And, like any new speaker the couple of hours I did put on them was disappointing compared to the older trade-in--(already in a good home)