Will there be a next gen. Lyra Dorian?

My great sounding Lyra Dorian is dead. The diamond is worn out. This saddens me since I love how the cartridge sounded in my system. It will be sorely missed.

But a death also brings change.

So I since I love the Lyra sound I started to look for a replacement. However I was in for a nasty and most disturbing surprise. My lovely Dorian is no long in production. I can here you say already "but what about the Lyra Delos?" Now I will readily admit that this Delos would be a worthy successor. Would it not be for the asking price. When I bought my Dorian a few years past the Dorian was priced for less then $1000. If my memory serves me right I payed close to $800. However the Delos costs a mighty $1600. This is too rich for me.

In days past a Delos would cost maybe $100 more then a Benz Ace and a little less then a Benz Glider. Now the most basic Lyra surpasses them both in price.

So with this said a reasonable person cannot say that the Delos is the new Dorian. So will the in the future again be a "budget" Lyra?
How about getting the cartridge retipped? Look at Soundsmith for options.
I agree with Brf. Either SoundSmith or Phono Cartridge Retipping in Washington.
retip for cheaper and continue continue continue. the today's phono cart prices simply unjustified. i've retipped my shelter mk1 already twice.
i'm heavy vinyl user of nearly 6hrs daily and near 10hrs on weekend.
When you really want the original Lyra Delos sound again, give it back to Lyra for repair. I think, they are quick.
I agree with Syntax - have Lyra retip. Jonathan Carr will be straight up with you on pricing.
Lyra retip will be just same investment as for new one with insubstantial difference.
Retip with SoundSmith is just as good.
Maybe a dealer will give you a trade-in on the Dorian for a new Delos. Doubt it would be more than a couple of $100 though.
The 2013 Music Direct catalog states that a $500 trade in with the return of a used Lyra cartridge will be given with the purchase of a Delos cartridge. That would bring the price down to $1150.
My dealer gave me a nice trade in for my Lyra Dorian. However the new element will be a Dynavector. He recently sold a Dynavector however the owner liked the sound of the card very much and decided to upgrade to a Dynavector higher up in the line. So the dealer had a Dynavector with less the 100/200 hours that he could sell for a nice price.
A Dynavector Te Kaitora Rua
That's pretty high up in the Dynavector line. So how do you like it compared to your Lyra?
The Te Kaitora Rua is a "2nd" hand. The previous owner used it for a week or so then traded the cart in for a Dyna higher up in the line.

So the price difference between a new Delos and this cart was negligible. So I took the gamble and had the Dyna installed. Picked up my turntable today. But due to some social events I have not listen much yet.