will there be a collapse in processor prices

The ease of connections via 1.3a hdmi and implementation does not bade well for those processors with no hdmi connectors. Already onkyo(and integra) have stolen a march on other brands, and demand is great. What will happen when the audiophile processors start to sport hdmi connectors? I see a 50% reduction in value.
Some companies (like Anthem) offer an HDMI upgrade on their pre/pro's (although at the moment only to 1.2), that would allow their equipment to remain competitive (for a price.)

On the other hand many people send HDMI directly to their display and use coax or toslink to the pre/pro for audio, to them HDMI may not be important.

What you say may become true if and when the new audio formats (like Dolby TrueHD) become more prevalent and the only way to get them is with HDMI. This may not be a good thing but we probably don't have a choice.
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HDMI is necessary for some DVD players to pass a HD-DVD sound signal. The new Toshiba HD players can only pass this via decoded PCM data through HDMI. If I used my HD-A1's optical output HD-DVD audio would not be possible.
The Sony PlayStation 3 passes SACD already decoded through HDMI using PCM.
IMHO it would be a waste to spend money on any processor that doesn't support HDMI 1.2 minimum.
I purchased a new Pioneer Elite receiver and use an external amp. This combination is really nice. Most of the new $800+ receivers have HDMI, upsample video and have preamp out puts.