will the VAC 30/30 sound ok with VSA DB-99's

will this combo work ok ?? any help thks lots...
Good lord, yes. It will blow the house down.

The VAC 30/30 is much more powerful than its wattage rating would suggest, and those VS's are incredibly efficient speakers.
Raquel iscorrect. The match will be fine.
If you buy this combo and do not like it, I will take it off your hands to help reduce clutter. I won't even charge you for my efforts. ;^)
Should work splendidly! Let us know how it sounds.
All I can say is you've come a long way from Bryston/VR4 Jr, 2bigears.
hey thks Tvad,the road is not that straight for audio amateur,i wish we had more shops around here,soooo places like this and people that take the time to share really help.i think i will try the 99's,but i almost went for the Van 5A'S.i think my little amp should work better with the 99's and from what i have read the 99's keep up with the 5a's just fine.cheers
That combo should sound great together. Love those DB99s, BTW.