Will the Usher 6371 stand the test of time ?

I am looking at a nearby set of Usher 6371 for a devoted music room.It will be powered by a Manley  iPod Stingray.A Thorens TD 125 mkII through a Lounge phono preamp will be the front end along with a Tascam cd 200 with a mydac.

I have auditioned Magnepan .7 and 1.7 in a large Showroom and the Stingray could not bring them to life. The room is 13 X 13 so maybe the .7 could work in the smaller room.I have lived with Magnepans from 1979 to today so this was my first choice.

The Usher"s  attracted my attention because they have been well received and being nearby I could pick up.

Will they stand the test of time? Will they work in in smallish room ? Do they really sound as good as reported? 
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I am of the opinion that Usher speakers are some of the highest bang for the buck on the market and are sorely under appreciated here in the US. I’ve only heard them at shows, but every time I’ve heard them they were one of the top 3 IMHO. I don’t know what their secret sauce is because they seem to use fairly common drivers, so maybe it’s in the crossover. But MAN do they play music. Along with Joseph Audio these are speakers that are as close to a can’t miss as you can get. I’d go for it, and let us know what you think if you get them.  Just make sure your amp has the juice to drive them as I haven't looked at the specs of your amp or the speakers. 

Usher Audio makes their own drivers and they are of exceptional quality. The 6371 is an older model but still a great speaker. Just listen to it and and I think you will agree.