Will the SOtM USB card work with Windows Server?

I am going to have a music PC built and wanted to know if the SOtM USB card is compatible with WS. I see it comes with a Windows 7 driver disk.
It should work. Doesn't the person who's building your PC know? If it was my PC that they were building, I would expect them to already know this type of thing.
It is just a friend that knows computers but not much about audio.
Anyone? Just needed to find out if this board is compatible with the WS operating system.
it is. backwards as well.
Where do I get the driver for WS?
Try asking this at computeraudiophile.com or at the PCaudio forum in the JPlay website. I know people there use this combo.

FWIW, I use a PPA v2 USB card with WS2012 without issues. I built my server 15 months ago and don't even remember if I needed special drivers.

BTW, I assume you have asked the manufacturer, right?