Will the SME 10A take a 12 inch tonearm?

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Not sure where it states this but seeing if I can make a 12 inch arm (like an SME 312S.....) work with the SME 10 Turntable? Thanks




No, not as it comes from SME. It could be modified to take a 12" arm. IMHO that would be a waste of time and effort. Many of us think the shorter arm is better. It is a great table and should have an SME arm on it.

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Mod would not be of interest for me but if SME makes a sub chassis mounting board specifically design to accommodate their 12 inch tonearms, I would be interested in using the SME V-12 on it hence the question. Thank you again


The 30/12 is set up for a 12” arm, but it is just a bigger version of the 30/2. No way to retrofit the top plate.