Will the SA8005 decode MQA?

There’s 2 parts to this...decoding MQA and maybe a new DAC.

I’ve been using my Aries mini for Tidal and haven’t been able to utilize the masters on a portable ios (iPad pro) until recently.

Honestly, the 44.1 has been fine going through the Marantz SA8005 via USB but just curious if I can even decode MQA.

With Tidal on masters, having masters files being played, I still only get 44.1 on the 8005.

If not, then not a huge deal, I’ve been on the search for a sub $3K DAC for awhile, would like to be around $1,500 used.

I really enjoy the 8005, but with the increase of quality DAC’s recently I’m really looking forward to getting the most of my redbook CD’s...I’ve read a lot about this recently and I may look to a new DAC before too long. The 8005 is no slouch but I know there’s room for improvement.

So if anyone is familiar with the Aries mini/ Lightning DS and can assist me with getting higher than 44.1 from this setup I would appreciate it.

I was looking at a PSA DS Sr. DAC but for that amount of coin, I may rethink this. I hear the Mytek Brooklyn can be slightly analytical, the DS Sr. can be slightly less dynamic, but this is all system dependent. Don’t quote me on that, I could be way off base on those descriptions...lol...which is why I ask.

Edited to add: The Bryston BDA-3 was also on the list when debating the PS Audio DS Sr.

I’m currently using a McCormack DNA-1 with a recent ultra Platinum upgrade and a stock RLD-1...all SS gear for now.

It does not.

I personally am against MQA (I don’t care at all about the format, even though it’s not better than PCM, but the implications and limitations are what get me, such as no digital volume control and no inherent allowance for DSP).

The Mytek can be considered “analytical”, if that means high-frequency distortion, which it does have (audibility depends on your music and also how high you can hear). This is why using words that have no proper definition is not good.

I have not seen how PS Audio DACs perform with MQA added, but their DACs are generally decent for the money, and to me look a lot nicer than Mytek.
I agree about being "analytical" ..not the best description. I guess I don't want an in your face, strong high frequency presence, sharp midrange, but a smooth signature without being muddy.

When I say analytical, in worst case form, I was meaning almost like a pro DJ speaker with horns where every note is pronounced with authority and not much dynamic balance.....again...I hope that's an accurate description....;)
I can input DSD via USB A, I was thinking MQA was streamed in something like DSD, not a codec. Never really messed with it, but regardless how I have my Aries Mini setup, I can only see 44.1 on my 8005.

If anyone using this setup can input higher than 44.1 into the 8005 I'm curious to your setup.