Will the RB-300 fit the Linn Axis?

I have a good line on a Rega RB-300 Arm.I need to replace the Linn Basik on my Axis. I talked to a Linn dealer and he was not sure if the 300 would fit without some modifications. Anyone know for sure?
the jelco is a worthy replacement for sure....and its incredibly easy to install a cartridge on.
I think I just answered my own question. Jelco makes the audioquest tonearms?
Thanks guys-I'll look into the Audioquests also.
I'm still curious if the Jelco is a worthy replacement.
steveaustin is correct...the pt6 and 9 will work fine.
Any of the Audioquest arms will drop right in as well (same geometry as the Linn arms). I believe the AQ arms are arguably at least as good as the RB-300 and can be had for around the same money.
I've heard both good and bad on the Basik.
The RB300 sounds like too much manipulation.
How about the Jelco SA-250ST? It looks like a drop in replacement.
unless you have a functional problem with the arm, i would consider a cartridge change over an arm change on the axis. the japanese basik arm(made for linn) is quite good, and a change to something in the 4 to 5 hundred range may just be a sideways move....a really nice(and underrated) table/arm combo as it sits....the basik arm was a favorite with the ar crowd in the 80's too.
The arm length is wrong with the RB300. It needs a longer length than the Basik/Ittok config., so you need to modify the armboard, which is probably not easy to do and change it back if you have to. Google RB300 and LP12 and you will find links to the issue. The LP12 has the same arm set up as the axis I believe. With the LP12 you either have to modify the Linn armboard or purchase another board drilled for a Rega.

Rather than muck about with the Rega I would look for an Akita, then you don't have any of these problems.

BTW I have a RB300 on an LP12, so I had to live through this problem.