Will the placement of casters on speaker stands degrade the performance

I recently purchased a new (used) pair of Magnapan 3.7i's.  They replaced a pair of 1.7's.  when I got the 1.7's I worked for weeks to get them tuned to the room.  At the end of that process, the 1.7's were like magic.  I am now going through the same process with the 3.7i's.  As I am getting older, the 3.7's (with Mye Stands) are much harder to move on my carpet.  My Question - Will placing casters under the stands degrade the sound quality and does anyone know the bolt and thread size for the Mye stands.  I would kindly appreciate knowledge, advice, opinion, etc.
Thanks in advance, js 
Why not use the castors to move them into place then switch over to solid footing once you obtain desired sound stage?  A dealer here strongly recommend master setting.  I wonder how many in this group have set their speakers this way.
Nail em’ down any way you can, its why there are spikes. Any movement in your speaker, will smear the sound.

I had Matrix 1s steel strapped with turnbuckles to 200lb stumps, that had cut off nails on the bottoms for a while. Never had a sound stage that good before or since.
Thanks so much to those who contributed thoughtful and reasonable content.  I managed to ignore those who were just trying to be cute, childish, and insulting.  I am especially thankful for the Magnepan resource that gave me the bolt size.  While I looked there I just missed the notation.
Thanks to all - even those submitting the useless attempts at humor.
How many of MC’s recommendations have you actually tried? I’ve tried 9 now, working on the 10th, and my modest system sounds shockingly good because of his recommendations. I’m going to post on all of it after I set up the DBA, again following MC’s recommendations. Just got the first sub, I’m going to add one a month to really experience how a DBA affects sound.

Acolyte? Sycophant? You bet, because his ideas work, and work brilliantly, and I know because I’ve tried them myself.

Finally, placebo effect… Here’s the thing… this stuff has delivered amazing sound for myself, my wife, and all of my friends who come listen and are blown away. That’s a pretty dang good placebo effect, I’ll take it!

so mc has a burner account now?

gotta love it!!!

Having the ability to move them around to find the best location for them in your room far out weighs any lack of sound quality when you find your magic spot you can then take off the casters for maximum quality at that time.