Will the Paradigm CC-350 match the 7seMK3?


I have an opportunity to purchase a cc-350 (center speaker) from out of state for a very good price. Would they match the 7seMk3's I have now? I'm currently using the cc-150.


Actually the cc-300 is the ideal match. I found one for sale but it's $50 more than the cc-350.
I stand corrected! Checked through all my old receits and it was a cc 300 that was the mate for the mkiii,s. I owned so many different paradigm speaker systems when I was more into home theatre . For what they could be bought for originally with good sized drivers close to full range the cc300 was a bargain IMHO. They are hard to come by used. Even where I live 60 miles away from the factory and every dealer sold paradigm it seemed and good deals were easy to get when new. Fifty bucks more... I guess it depends on the shape and if even with the added fifty its not too pricey. Good luck! Cheers.
I don't know your speakers,but after checking the web,it appears they have a fabric soft dome.The net shows the cc350 as having a titanium tweeter.The titanium could be bright,or draw attention to itself.The cc300 has a soft fabric tweeter that may sound more like your 7seMK3's. I would check with Paradigm to make sure the cc300 is the correct match.