will the beatles rubber soul ever be remixed?

Sam here and rubber soul is favorite beatles album however i cannot listen to the album with the vocals in one channel and the music in the other. The mono version is no option as i don’t like mono. l have given up on abbey road ever remixing this album so out of frustration i tried to do it myself. i have no experience mixing audio other than my own tinkering and i’m not calling this a remix rather a center channel mix. i also encoded the 33 hertz frequency onto the audio to remove the digital fingerprint from digital audio. i am providing my version for download for review and critique.

Source: 2009 digital remaster. audio sample: http://u.pc.cd/3fs
Full: https://www114.zippyshare.com/v/C9VDK73o/file.html
You don't like Mono? The Beatles made Rubber Soul to be listened to in Mono. So did Brian Wilson for all the Beach Boy albums up through and including Pet Sounds, Ray Davies for all the early Kinks albums, the early Dylan albums, the first Procol Harum, early Stones and The Who, all 1950's and 60's Jazz, all Classical until the late 60's. The list of essential albums best heard in Mono goes on and on.

I just watched a video in which Stones producer Jimmy Miller talks about their early recordings. He says since they had only three tracks on the multi-track recorder, one track would contain the drums, bass, and rhythm guitar, a second track the lead guitar, the third the vocal. He goes on to say that the ONLY way to mix such a recording is to mono.

Another artist whose recordings are available only in mono is Hank Williams, without whom life is not worth living. And can you imagine life without the Sun Records recordings of Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison, and Charlie Rich? How about the Everly Brothers on Barnaby Records?