Will the Aurender N100h Music Server work with an Ethernet over power-line connector?

I have an Aurender demo scheduled for Monday, December 28th at my local Aurender dealer. I told my dealer I am using an Ethernet over power-line connection and he said "the Ethernet over power-line connector could have some limitations when compared to the Aurender recommended wired gigabit Ethernet connection. All of my streaming will be done using the Aurender Tidal application on the iPad.

As a result of his "limitations comment", I replaced my Linksys PLEX400 with a wired speed of up to 200 Mbps with a Netgear 1200 power-line with a 1200 Mbps speed. Netgear states " the Netgear Power-line 1200 is perfect for connecting smart TVs, streaming players and is ideal for 4K HD streaming & lag-free gaming”. My Netgear 1200 Ethernet over power-line connection works perfectly with my MAC Book Pro computer and I hope it will also work with the Aurender N100h server. 

Is anyone using an Ethernet over power-line connector for their Aurender servers successfully? Any comments on this topic would be appreciated.    Thanks.

I don't own an Aurender but I do use an ethernet over power line solution by D-Link and it works fine. It serves my Sonos,a mac mini and Olive 04HD. I say try it before you make changes ,as the matter of fact Chris Rice from Bryston recommends it as a reliable connection for their Bdp 1 and 2 music servers.
After my research plus my conversation today with my dealer (Music Lovers Audio, Berkeley, CA), I have decided to install a switch box and run an Ethernet line to my Mac Book Pro Computer.  This decision eliminates my use of the Ethernet over power-line solution and should provide a much improved Internet connection. Most everyone I talked to said the wired Ethernet connection was the best solution for connecting to the Internet.  The new equipment is being installed on Wednesday.
As I mentioned above, I replaced my Netgear 1200 Ethernet over power line connection with a Cat 6 Ethernet cable running direct to my Apple Extreme router.  I added the Luxul XGS-1008 switch box (8 Gigabit ports) in my family room and ran a Cat 6 Ethernet cable to my living room. Tidal streaming seems to be clearer probably due to a much better Internet connection.  
Has anyone moved from a sonos connect to a Aurender N100H and heard big improvements in sound quality?