Will Technology Kill the Audiophile Hobby?

Imagine audio technology in 2,000 years.

Maybe your stereo is the size of a deck of cards. Speakers are invisible. Cables are not used. Active room treatment built into the walls.

Is that the end of our hobby and fascination with audio gear? 
Is our identity in the big blocks of metal and wood? What happens to us?


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The future is pretty easy to figure out actually and some have already built it into their dwellings. Future versions of this will be more automated but the blueprint is already done.

The between now and then is pretty cool too.

As far as the big boxes, they began their painful death as soon as they were made.

Michael Green

another great thread EriK

LOL, Erik by the responses maybe you should have said 10 years from now. Sometimes I forget it's Agon.


Well, I'm going to pull back a little here and mention the future "now" is coming on quickly. How quickly this forum may not even be aware.

I believe the days of big amps is almost gone. To follow will be high mass speakers. The small Class D amps are simply blowing the doors off of the big amp designs with 2.1 or 2.2 setups. To stay in context I tune and don't use these amps with their chassis.